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Instructor FAQs

Questions you should ask before joining a franchise

Q. Can you tell me your extra qualifications to be my trainer?
If there is not a big list walk away. Look fleet Reg/ ORDIT Reg

Q. Is all your training 1:1 if not can I have it at a reduced price?
If not walk away.

Q. Is your training vehicle modern, roomy, clean and available for tests without a hire charge?
If not walk away.

Q. Will I be trained to train qualified drivers in addition to learners?
If the answer is no walk away.

Q. Can you guarantee exactly how many training hours I will receive?
If they cannot walk away.

Q. Is all the training carried out locally?
If not walk away.

Q. Can I pay by the hour or per part?
If the answer is no walk away.

Q. Will I receive a total of at least 100 hours one to one training I think I may need that amount?
If they answer do not worry half that amount is ok for most people. Walk away.

Q. Can you list your training Syllabus?
If the answer’s no or it is not comprehensive walk away.

Q. Do you offer further development training beyond my green badge?
If the answer is no walk away.

Q. Do you offer check test training and advice?
If the answer is no walk away.

Homer’s are independent trainers. Training is on a one to one basis, They have the right qualifications, the training is local to you, you pay by the hour or if you pay upfront its for a guaranteed number of hours, your trainer currently has a 100% pass rate, you will cover a comprehensive syllabus, you will train in a new car available at normal hourly rates for tests accompanied by your trainer on average for the equivalent cost of a large training company you will receive about 3-4 times more the amount of training.

A large percentage of Homer’s clients are people who have already paid another company for their training.

Your future career

Q. How many driving instructors are there?

A. Once qualified you will join approx 45,000 other ADI’s in the UK.

This sounds a lot but remember a large proportion of these are part time, and a large proportion are not very good! Numbers have increased slightly in recent years.

Q. What type of wage will i be on as a new ADI?

A. Driving instructors can earn anything up to £35,000 read more about over heads and expected wage here.

Now work is very plentiful for newly qualified ADI’s. With local and national companies still looking for new instructors and pupil numbers are high.

We are currently recruiting in the following areas and need as many instructors to join our franchise as we can!

We are in touch with several local and national companies looking for new instructors, so once qualified a position is straightforward. Although we would hope that you would stay on at Homers Driving School as we too are recruiting.

Remember there is no job guarantee as such, you cannot guarantee pupil numbers. However, you would need to be doing something very wrong to be short of work!

You can earn a good living as a driving instructor and working times are flexible. Remember virtually all driving instructors are self-employed.

Once qualified to ensure your diary remains full seek extra qualifications as previously mentioned to set you out from the pack.

Driving instruction can be a very rewarding career. It suits many people due to the flexible working hours and job satisfaction. You can choose when you work, and you are your own boss. You can work part time/full time or in between. There are plenty of driving instructors out there, can you develop the skills to compete, and can you offer a highly professional service and train further to gain extra qualifications beyond your green badge?

Contrary to what the large training companies would have you believe there is no desperate need for thousands of new instructors, in fact the numbers generally remain consistent. New instructors qualify, old instructors finish, cut down their hours or retire. Pupil numbers remain consistent also.

Train with us and work is very plentiful, a good instructor will always have a full diary and work for life. We pride ourselves on offering training well beyond your green badge to ensure you have an edge over your competitors.(see further professional development) Obtaining your green badge is just the start of our working relationship.

Do you think you have what it takes to pass the three stringent qualifying exams?

You do not need any formal qualifications to become a driving instructor (although you do need to satisfy certain criteria, see minimum requirements) you do however need to be a certain type of person.

Can you answer yes to the following?
Are you friendly, approachable, patient, firm when necessary, have you the determination and willpower to change your driving habits permanently. Can you remain calm in a tricky situation? Can you put in the effort required to train?

Read more: The 6 skills you should have to be a driving instructor! 

Can you answer no to the following?
Do you suffer from road rage; do you think safety cameras are there to make money? Do you disagree with speed humps? Do you think the police should be out catching real criminals?

You will need to study from the beginning of your training, you need to know everything there is to know about driving theory, and you need to drive in a certain way every time you enter a vehicle. Your vehicle or any vehicle you drive needs to be maintained to high standards. You cannot afford penalty points remember, for instance if you had two tyres below the legal limit on a vehicle you were driving you would receive six penalty points! Not an option. You will need to do plenty of practice and prepare lesson plans for part three. For every hour of tuition, you need 5 more private practice hours.

Get in touch to find request a call back and join our franchise, or call us for free on 0800 612 4897.

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