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Benefits of Fleet Training

Why do you need driver training for you and your staff?

You are required by Law to take a Duty of Care to your employees.

The recent Corporate Manslaughter legislation has prompted many HR departments who have previously had little or no dealings with driver training to look into what is needed and how Fleet Training companies like HDS can help. Would you allow your employee to operate heavy machinery without training? So why would you let them in a company vehicle which is just as dangerous.

The principle at issue here is that if a company’s Health & Safety regime for employees who drive at work is not up to standard, the company (not including individuals) can be prosecuted if a death occurs. Companies have a duty of care to their employees and to other road users for Health & Safety breaches. Individual road traffic offences will still be the responsibility of the driver, though inadequate training for work related driving may bring these within the duty of care of the company.

What do you get back?

The moral comfort that you have done all you can for your employees and help eliminate the chances of a Corporate Manslaughter Prosecution.

10% – 20% Fuel Savings

With the average collision costing a company £2500 and £30000 with an injury caused by time off work, compensation payments and loss of productivity

Reduced insurance premiums (we can negotiate and design a course with your insurance company if required)

So what can your company do?

Ensure that drivers understand their responsibilities in regard to safe driving and vehicle maintenance through risk assessment and basic training.  Ensure that vehicles are fit for purpose and maintained in a safe condition, with audit-able paper trails.  Have written and agreed guidelines for work related driving, including clearly laid out responsibilities and disciplinary consequences.

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