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Automatic Driving Lessons in Oldbury

Have you discovered the less-stress route for learning to drive in Oldbury?

We’re not referring to using the Ringway around Oldbury town, but a quicker, less stressful way to learn to drive in Oldbury and pass your test.

If you’re struggling with nerves, low confidence or previous negative experiences learning to drive in Oldbury, then read on to discover how Homers Driving School can provide an alternative option to helping you become an expert, independent driver.

  1. Choosing Automatic Driving Lessons in Oldbury

Here at Homers Driving School we offer our students the opportunity for automatic driving lessons. This is because we understand that there are a number of reasons why you may wish to use an automatic car when learning to drive in Oldbury.

The reasons for automatic lessons could be to eliminate the need to learn clutch control or gear changes so that you can avoid stalling the car, crunching the gears or rolling on hill starts. This will allow you to pay more attention to the roads so that you can focus on observation and manoeuvring the car safely around Oldbury and surrounding areas.

The choice of learning to drive in Oldbury with automatic driving lessons may purely be down to achieving your pass with fewer lessons and with less anxiety, but whatever the reason to choose automatic driving lessons, you can guarantee that Homers Driving School will support you to become a competent and confident driver.

Of course, once you pass your test in an automatic you will only able to drive automatic cars as permitted by your license, but thankfully the choice for automatic cars in the UK is increasing.

Apart from lowering anxiety by choosing automatic driving lessons in Oldbury, Homers Driving School also offers a way to gain complete confidence as driver… and that’s through the Pass Plus course.


  1. Become a Driving Expert with Pass Plus


Expert driving doesn’t just appear when you receive your driving test pass certificate. Don’t forget that there’s still the matter of motorways, driving at night and safe driving in adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rain (sadly all too common in Oldbury).

By attending a Pass Plus course in Oldbury, which is offered by Homers Driving School not only can you improve your skills for complete driving confidence, but many car insurance companies offer discounts if you hold a Pass Plus.

Can you take a Pass Plus in an automatic car? Absolutely, if you hold a UK driving licence, you can take your Pass Plus in Oldbury.

Taking your Pass Plus in Oldbury involves having about 6 hours of practical training in modules covering driving in towns, rural roads, motorways, in all weathers and at night. There’s no final test to take, but you will be assessed throughout the course to show you meet the required standard of understanding.

So if you’re looking to learn to drive in Oldbury as an expert, confident driver but with reduced anxiety over driving lessons, then the less-stress route with Homers Driving School will ensure you:

  1. Pass smoothly and quickly with automatic lessons in Oldbury
  1. Are ready to tackle your first drive to Birmingham Bullring using rural roads, motorways, in all weathers and even at night with a Pass Plus Oldbury course.

For prices and more information on automatic driving lessons or Pass Plus in Oldbury, visit our Price of Lessons page or contact Homers Driving School today.


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