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Homers Driving School beating all odds with many pupils beating 1 in 11,000 passes with 0 minors on first test!

How many times did it take you to pass your driving test? Can you remember? Here at Homers Driving School we’ve been lucky enough to teach some amazing pupils who with our guidance have managed to pass their driving tests with 0 minors!

There are 3 types of fault you can make on your driving test being a dangerous fault which would include things such as including a danger to yourself, the examiner, the public or somebody’s property. For example, if you mounted a curb and made a pedestrian jump.

What are faults and minors?

A serious fault which is something that could be potentially dangerous, such as not having control of the car or breaking the law by speeding. And then a driving fault which is sometimes referred to as a minor. You are allowed 15 minors in your driving test which can include things such as inappropriate use of mirrors, signals and positioning and coasting – too many minors in one category can lead to a fail.

First time passes with 0 minors are extremely hard to achieve- even for the experienced advanced driving instructor so when our pupils repeatedly beat odds by doing this they amaze us and give us every confidence in our schools teaching ability.

This is a statistic that we are incredibly proud of as it only happens once every 11,000 driving tests! Within the last few months we have had 4 students pass with 0 minors and we’re ecstatic that they can start their driving career off with those statistics.

All of our students make us proud and with our high pass rate if you sign up to learn to drive with us, you’ll be learning to drive with one of the driving schools in the midlands with the highest pass rate! Get in touch today. You can call us for free on 0800 612 4897, or contact us here.

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