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Changes to the DVSA Part 3 Driving Instructor Test

Part 3 ADI Test to change 2nd October 2017.

From this date onwards ADI Part 3 tests will change for ever. They will align with the current ADI Standards Check giving a real life testing situation rather than the old style, outdate, inconsistent and frankly poor roll play Part 3 test conducted by examiners using Pre Set Tests (PSTs).

Senior examiners and ORDIT Trainers agree the new style part 3 ADI will help them view and mark the true potential of trainee driving instructors.

What will change ?

The PDI – trainee driving instructor will take a real pupil, friend or family member to conduct a full 1 hour driving lesson infrint is the Senior Driving Examiner. The trainee driving instructor will be able to demonstrate how they truely will conduct a driving lesson using all of the key skills such as lesson planning, gaining agreed goals, various coaching techniques, levels of instruction, communication, assessing and sharing risk etc.

What will change for the ORDIT Trainer?

Nothing for us – over 2 years ago Homers ORDIT Trainers changed and adapted to the new Standrads Test Training and Part 3 Training in order to improve the quality of PDI and Standards Check results. We currently provide details notes to the PDI after each driving instructor training session this will change to a DVSA Log Book. We will publish this when the DVSA have realised it.

Where do Homer’s give Driving Instructor Training?

Oldbury, Dudley, Wolverhampton, Halesowen, Bilston, Wednesbury, Stourbridge, Brierley Hill, Tipton, Sedgley, Kidderminster, West Bromwich and all surrounding areas.

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