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Don’t Give Up Learning to Drive in Wolverhampton

(by a guest writer)

Let me say, right at the outset, if you have failed your driving test, once, twice, ten times even, DO NOT GIVE UP!  Why should you listen to me?  Because I have experience of failing driving tests.  Perhaps not ten but definitely five (or six maybe – I actually lost count).

I would come back from another failed test and sob into my mum’s arms and then watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s to try and cheer myself up.  I know that film pretty well now.

If you’re reading this because you have failed a test yourself – I feel your pain.  Failing a driving test is devastating.

But keep hold of the motto of Wolverhampton – ‘Out of the darkness cometh light’.  Do not give up on your goal to learn to drive in Wolverhampton.  I didn’t give up.  I carried on learning to drive and I finally passed my test.  And I can tell you, next to becoming a parent, passing my driving test was the best moment of my life.

Can’t Seem to Pass?

Your driving instructor will be able to tell you what the most common driving test mistakes are; observation, use of mirrors etc., and you can prepare for these whilst you learn to drive in Wolverhampton.  However, the real reason for most failures is nerves.  That was definitely my problem.

So here are some tips to help control your nerves and help you to pass your test.

  1. Believe in yourself – Your driving instructor believes you can pass your test so you should too.
  1. Tell as few people as possible that you are taking your test. (In my experience the thought of telling people the good or bad news adds pressure that you just don’t need)
  1. Prepare a feel-good soundtrack to listen to before you go out on your test. My friend made me a mixtape (I’m showing my age here) of happy music to take my mind off my nerves.

Personally, I also followed the advice someone gave me to have the windows open very slightly so that I could hear the traffic around me.  It just made me more aware of my surroundings and was a good reminder for my ‘observation’.  And always ask your driving instructor for their advice and make sure you feel comfortable and familiar with the car.

An Understanding Driving Instructor

Above all I know that it is essential to learn to drive in Wolverhampton with an instructor and driving school that understands how you might be feeling.

Homers Driving School’s friendly and customer-focused approach will not only give you all the technical know-how to learn to drive in Wolverhampton, but also give you the support that you personally need to pass that all important driving test.

I wish that I had received the same support from my original driving instructor before I switched.  But then I wouldn’t have had this advice to share with you.

Not everyone finds driving and passing their driving test easy.  You can read of other learners’ experiences here, but whatever your reasons may be, Homers Driving School has helped hundreds of people to overcome their issues and learn to drive in Wolverhampton… and they can help you too.

Give Homers a call on 0800 612 4897 and explain what driving experience you’ve already had.  With their help, you’ll be passing your test and driving around the roads of Wolverhampton in no time at all.


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