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Driving Instructor Career in West Midlands

Homer’s Driving School isn’t just a driving school, it is the fastest-growing franchise in Black Country, and a corporation that is committed to Road Safety Education and the professional development of driving instructors in the UK. Homer’s offer a great opportunity for anyone who is self-motivated with the passion to make a difference in the lives of others as an instructor and mentor. Becoming a driving instructor at Homer’s Driving School gives you the chance to build a successful business and provide exceptional training for individuals who wish to learn the necessary driving techniques to pass their D1 driving test. Furthermore, as part of their franchise, Homer guarantees that it will utilize its expertise in lead generation to promote your business and assist you in building a strong client base.

Why Homers Driving School

Homer’s Driving School always has your best interest at heart and will train you to make sure your first steps at a becoming a driving instructor is trouble-free by providing driving instructor training at an affordable cost. Courses include Theory Test, Advanced Driving Test, and Instructional Ability Test. As always, support for individuals pursuing a franchise is continuous, and mentors are available to guide and motivate you every step of the way. Their payment options let you decide whether you pay per hour at a fee of £35.00 or pay a one-time full payment for all courses.

Passing your Driving Instructor Training

Once you have successfully passed your driving instructor training courses and received your certificate, you can now look forward to setting up appointments for your clients and enjoy the flexibility, independence, and freedom that comes along with being your own boss. Your yearly income is approximately £37,535 after required expenses such as your weekly Homer fee at a value of £60.00, ADI badge, car maintenance and other requirements that are necessary to ensure that you are using the best equipment for safety. Nonetheless, this is just an estimation, the actual amount you will make depends on the time you put in, so it is always possible for you to make more. If you are unable to commit to having a full-time schedule, then a part-time instructor position is available. You will still be able to operate independently without having to pay franchise fees. Nonetheless, schedule outings will be less frequent compared to operating a franchise. However, you will average £700.00 per week as an instructor.

There is currently a demand for instructors in West Midland and previously certified driving instructors are welcome to join the charismatic and delightful team of individuals with a passion for helping others achieve success. Homer’s Driving School is a brand that people in the UK have come to know and trust. Their dedication and initiatives have ensured a high pass rate for students through their knowledge base approach to teaching. Why not invest in an opportunity to secure success in your future by becoming a driving instructor West Midlands. If you are already with a relevant franchise company then the appropriate representatives at Homer’s Driving School will meet with you and discuss other incentives they can offer to acquire your talents and expertise. So take advantage of this opportunity at Homer’s Driving School and don’t miss your chance to achieve greatness.


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