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Driving instructor careers in Smethwick

Time for a change?

There are many reasons why people consider becoming a driving instructor – known as an ADI. Maybe it’s a change of career, or to learn a new skill and earn good money whilst undertaking rewarding work. Not only will you invest in a great career move by becoming an approved instructor, but you will have the pleasure of passing on new skills and the sense of satisfaction that this provides.

Have you ever wondered how rewarding it would be to give back to society, more specifically a community that’s local to you? Have you ever wanted to be your own boss and leave the 9-5 behind? Then keep reading as Homers’ have the ideal opportunity for you.

Driving instructor careers in Smethwick

We are recruiting for driving instructors in the Smethwick area which means that if you want to change careers and come and work for a driving school where there is opportunity for everyone, who go have the opportunity to join others on various team building trips (Ice Drive Sweden) and actually care about their staff then you are in the right place!

Our opportunities in the Smethwick areas include Warley, Bearwood, Winson Green, Rotton Park and further afield.

What do I require to become an instructor?

Companies such as Homers Driving School in the Midlands, provide everything needed for driving instructor training: Training is offered flexibly at very competitive prices and some courses are even funded for certain clients, so it pays to contact the company to see if you qualify.

You could soon be earning up to £30,000 per year, and Homers also offer the chance to join a franchise and become part of a successful network with a known brand that gives all the benefits of working with an established and highly experienced name. This can make all the difference in getting your career off the ground and is easier than going it alone for many reasons.

Life on the road

If you want an exciting opportunity and are passionate about driving and making a difference to a young person’s life get in touch today and we will help you fill out the application forms and support, you through all of your training here at Homers Driving School to get you ready to go.

Give us a call and change your dreams for the better.

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