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This month, we’ve decided to say a huge thank you to some of our instructs that haven’t been mentioned on the blog before! These guys are the reason that Homers is so successful and the reason that many of our students are now passed and safely making journeys all over the Black Country every single day!


Karl is an instructor that has worked for us for quite a while. He instructs to live the lifestyle he wants as his primary job is actually as a fireman, looking after the local community. You’re more likely to have Karl as your instructor if you are learning to drive around the Sedgley area. Karl drives a Hyundai i20.


Lee is another stand out part of the team who is a family man, his children are currently studying at university which he is extremely proud of. He used to be in the trade as a blacksmith and a forger and uses a Renault Clio as his instructing car. You are most likely to receive lessons from Lee if you live in or around the Dudley area.


Mo is one of our longest serving advanced driving instructors here at Homers Driving School. He uses a Toyota Yaris and is a family man. His job suits his flexibility just fine. You are most likely to meet and see Mo about in the Brierley Hill area.

Thank you to everybody that works at Homers Driving School, each and every instructor makes the franchise a great business to be a part of! If you can see yourself joining our driving school and becoming an advanced driving instructor read the benefits of joining our franchise and get in touch today, by calling for free on 0800 612 4897, or by messaging us on Facebook! If you’re still not convinced check out many other pages on joining our driving school such as:

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