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Things to consider becoming a driving Instructor

There are many reasons why people consider becoming a driving instructor – known as an ADI. Maybe it’s a change of career, or to learn a new skill and earn good money whilst undertaking rewarding work. Not only will you invest in a great career move by becoming an approved instructor, but you will have the pleasure of passing on new skills and the sense of satisfaction that this provides.

Passing a driving test gives learners a great sense of achievement and you will feel a good deal of pride in knowing that you have helped candidates to successfully pass their test.

What skills and abilities are needed?

The main elements that the job requires will obviously be good people skills in conjunction with large doses of patience and understanding, as well as the background theory and technical skills needed for driving. In addition, those interested in this career will need an ability to teach and need to keep updated on any new regulations that come in for driving tests. Due to the nature of the job you will also need to be prepared to work flexible hours to suit people who need to fit in their driving lessons around work and study, and that could entail mornings, evenings and weekends.

How do I know if I am eligible?

You must have had a driving license for three and a half years or more and meet other eligibility checks, and GOV.UK have a short online test to see if you can apply and also provide concise instructions about the process. If you are eligible you need to apply to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and provide information about your current driving license and any offences and will need to include a criminal records disclosure number. As with most careers working with the public you will also need to undergo a criminal record check which can also be done through GOV.UK.

ADI Training Courses

Without specialist training it can be very difficult to pass the tests required to become an ADI which are in 3 parts and involve a part 1 theory test; a part 2 practical driving test and a part 3 instructional ability test. It is highly recommended that those interested in this career find a suitable ADI training course to maximise their chances of success. Reputable providers offer comprehensive courses which cover all the requirements and which also include the practical training needed to operate in a competent business manner and retain pupils.

Driving Instructor Training

Companies such as Homers Driving School in the Midlands, provide everything needed for driving instructor training: Training is offered flexibly at very competitive prices and some courses are even funded for certain clients, so it pays to contact the company to see if you qualify.

You could soon be earning up to £30,000 per year, and Homers also offer the chance to join a franchise and become part of a successful network with a known brand that gives all the benefits of working with an established and highly experienced name. This can make all the difference in getting your career off the ground and is easier than going it alone for many reasons.

Driving careers now attract people from a diverse range of backgrounds. Therefore, if you are at a crossroads in your life, take some time to assess this fantastic career opportunity which could really turn your life around and find out why becoming a driving instructor is right for you!

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