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Your First Driving Lesson in Wolverhampton – What to Expect

Your very first driving lesson is a big deal.  Your expectations and emotions may be running high, perhaps with nerves or excitement.  A little preparation and knowing what to expect from your first driving lesson in Wolverhampton will help you to get the most out of it.

Before Your Driving Lesson

Once your first Wolverhampton driving lesson with Homers Driving School is booked, you may find it helpful to sit in the driving seat of someone’s safely parked up car.  Don’t be tempted to start the engine.  That can wait until your actual driving lesson.  This is just for you to familiarise yourself with the feeling of being behind the steering wheel – a very different experience to being a passenger.  If you do have the opportunity to do this, that’s one less thing for you to take in on your first driving lesson.

Whilst your thoughts are on your driving lesson you might like to think about any basic questions that you may have about driving and write them down to ask your instructor.  Otherwise you might find that you forget to ask on your driving lesson.

On the Day of Your First Driving Lesson

Don’t plan to do too much before your driving lesson.  Give yourself plenty of time so that you are not rushing around and you can feel as calm as possible.

Make sure that you have your provisional licence with you to show your driving instructor.

Wear comfortable clothes.  Clothes that won’t feel restrictive or make you feel too hot.  And most importantly, don’t wear high heels as they obstruct the pedals.  It’s a good idea to wear a pair of flat, comfortable shoes that you like, as you may find that once you getting used to driving in this pair you’ll want to wear them for driving lessons right up until your test.

During Your Driving Lesson

At the start of your very first lesson your driving instructor will introduce themselves to you.  They will also ask about your current driving experience and your expectations and feelings about learning to drive.  They will then drive through Wolverhampton to a safe road, quiet of traffic.

In order for you to become familiar with the car you will then switch places so that you are sat in the driving seat.  Before driving anywhere, you will be shown how to adjust the car to suit you.  This means moving the seat and steering wheel position and adjusting the mirrors so that you have full visibility.  You will also be told how to perform basic, essential safety checks that should take place every time before starting the car.

You will be introduced to the main vehicle controls.  The steering wheel and hand brake, the foot controls and gears.  These are the very basics.  You will also have the ancillary controls pointed out to you; for example, the indicators and lights.  You won’t need to use all of these on your first driving lesson, your driving instructor is just allowing you to get a feel for the car before asking you to drive anywhere.

When you both feel ready, you will actually be able to drive the car.  You will learn on your very first driving lesson the correct way to Prepare, Observe and Move.  An absolute essential for a lifetime of safe driving.

You will then start the car, move off, drive a short way and then stop the car.  You might do this a few times; but the nice, quiet, straight road won’t go on forever.  So very quickly you will be adding in steering around obstructions such as parked cars, learning how to change gear and be taught how to safely approach a junction and turn a corner.

By the end of your first Wolverhampton driving lesson you will have begun to learn:

Use of main controls of the car; and some ancillary controls
Use of gears,
Moving off safely,
Road positioning,
Speed awareness,
Observation of road signs and markings,
Coming to a safe stop and probably lots, lots more.

Each driving lesson in Wolverhampton will end with a re-cap of the lesson, a discussion on what went well and what needs improvement as well as confirming the time of your next driving lesson.

After Your Driving Lesson

Even the basics of driving that make up your first driving lesson is a lot to take in.   So, we suggest that you don’t plan to do too much after your driving lesson; except perhaps taking a nap.

You may wonder how you’ll ever remember everything from your first driving lesson.  Try not to feel too overwhelmed.  Look at all the drivers on the road.  They all went through their first driving lesson at some point.  Your driving instructor understands how you might be feeling and will make sure that you feel safe and reassured at all times.

Learning to drive has a methodical approach, so although every learner will have a personalised lesson plan, each driving lesson in Wolverhampton builds on the knowledge gained from the driving lesson you had before.

In no time at all you will be able to drive with confidence and pass your test.  You will have mastered a skill that will have you driving around Wolverhampton for a lifetime.

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