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Fun to be had after you pass! Ice Drive Sweden

Even advanced driving instructors have to train sometimes! The drift academy at Ice Drive Sweden is something that we like to do as a team every so often!

Ice Drive Sweden is a lake is situated on the Norwegian border at an altitude of 900m which makes the lake much colder than other areas in the region and makes the ice top quality for rally driving and drifting around. The school is situated just 10 km from the Norwegian border, near Rorbacksnas, Salen in Sweden.

Ice Drive Sweden are accident free, although they allowed us lots of freedom, we use basic, common sense rules, so you get the best learning experience.

You can take your own car however there are also a range of cars to hire that you may not get chance to drive on this type of terrain!

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Temperatures can vary from 1 degree to minus 35 so we had to make sure that we wrapped up warm at every possible opportunity! The best thing about Ice Drive Sweden is that they don’t have track times you can drive on the lake from 9.30 am until 5pm which makes the most out of your time on the Ice and whilst you are there!

We went to Ice Drive Sweden in February 2011 and 2016 our next trip is planned for 2019! Have a look at some of the Instructors from Homers Driving School having fun on the Ice! Qualified Instructors and non- qualified instructors went both times!

If you are interested in becoming a driving instructor with Homers Driving School, you’ll be able to come on trips like this with us and have fun with such a family centric company! Get in touch today if you are ready for a new opportunity! Call us for free on 0800 612 4897 or contact us here.

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