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Guaranteed driving passes – don’t believe the hype!

Many driving courses can lure and convince prospective students to their companies by offering guaranteed pass courses, whether this is be by intensive courses or week by week lessons.

This can be by simply offering free lessons or retests following a result of a failed driving test. By the power of advertising, prospective students may think this is a great incentive to purchase these courses. So assume they will be passing first or second time. Companies that offer this guaranteed pass assurance, usually just means they will offer a free retest. Naturally, driving schools are a company who need to make money, so offering free lessons would be counterproductive.

DVSA rules only apply

Like most students and drivers will tell you, their driving test was one of the most nerve-wracking day of their life. So, to see in a driving instructor school, the word “guaranteed pass” may put them at a little more ease. Unfortunately in reality, a company cannot offer a guaranteed pass, as it is yourself who has to sit in the driving seat and complete the driving test. What they can do is provide sufficient knowledge and skills within their lessons to get you prepared, confident and ready. That is all. Unfortunately, the DVSA don’t see this way and only conduct practical driving tests in accordance with the DVSA and only with exceptionally qualified examiners, only approved by the DVSA standards. During your practical test you will need to demonstrate to your examiner, on the day of your test that you are ready, and competent in all assessments on the road, avoiding all majors and minors to get you your certificate and legally on the road.

Homers are here to help

At our driving school, all our instructors are aware of these facts are realistic and honest, whether you are pursuing a long-term course with weekly lessons or have commenced onto our intensive driving courses. We will never, promise you personally that you will pass first time, but instead, depending on your experience and time, design a structured course of driving lessons based on your needs and commitments. If you wish we can start your lessons at your work place and end them outside your door.

Don’t get ripping up your “L” plates early just because your driving school offer guaranteed passes!

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