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Intense Driving Courses with Homers Driving School

Did you miss out when all your friends we’re learning to drive because of circumstances that were out of your control? Or did you start to learn at university but due to term times never stuck at it? Here at Homers we understand that sometimes life gets in the way when you’re trying to pass your driving test and that’s why were now offering intensive driving courses to help you pass quickly, whilst making sure everything we teach you is safe and at test standard.

Taking an intense driving course, dramatically reduces the time taken to pass your driving test. If you’re in a hurry to get passed due to career or family commitments, make sure you consider this as one of your options. The average* learner takes around 20- 30 hour lessons, although every learner is different. Due to this lengthy amount of time costs can quickly accrue, not to mention needing to use your instructors car to book a lesson before your test and to use throughout, as well as being driven home after.

Get passed fast!

No matter how you learn in intensive or throughout the year in 1 or 2 hour slots, the costs are going to be around the same.

The benefits of learning to drive with an intense course are extremely attractive for those who already have been learning with parents, already have a car and want to keep the knowledge in their minds ready to get straight on the road. They are also especially helpful if you have failed your test first time around and need a day to go over where you need to improve before you take your second attempt.

We offer intense courses in all areas that we cover, prices start from £320 including the test fee. You can check out all of the details over at our intensive driving page. Tests are booked around your needs so some could be booked weeks in advance if you have other commitments such as school, college and university.

Here at Homers Driving School, due to an increase in demand we have started offering intense driving courses at competitive prices in the Black country area. If you think that this would cater for your driving needs please get in touch by calling for free on 0800 612 4897 or by messaging us on Facebook!

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