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Learn to Drive in Wolverhampton – Pass First Time

Have you ever noticed that the traffic lights in Princes Square in Wolverhampton are striped?

The unique black and white striped poles are to commemorate that this was the location for the very first set of automated traffic lights in England, installed in 1927.

You can also add to the list of ‘driving firsts’ in Wolverhampton by learning to drive and passing your test first time.  Homers Driving School can help you to do just that.

Wolverhampton is a great place to learn to drive.  But, being enclosed by a ring road and having perhaps the most motorway connections of anywhere in the country, driving in Wolverhampton definitely throws up some challenges.    At Homers Driving School we know that learning to drive in Wolverhampton could seem a little daunting at first so we concentrate on the learning experience being relaxed and fun.

Of course, you won’t be thrown in at the deep end and be expected to navigate the ring road straight away by yourself.  With our local knowledge of the Wolverhampton area we will start you off gently, on the quieter roads.  It’s all about building your confidence in your driving ability.

From our experience, we know that when people are learning to drive, how you feel plays a big part in you actually passing your test.  So, to put you at ease, we can offer you a male or a female driving instructor and we are flexible in offering lessons from a location and at a time that suits you, so that you get the most from your lessons.

As you are learning to drive your lessons will be completely tailored to you.  We will take into account your previous driving experience, learning style and even your existing knowledge of the roads in Wolverhampton.  It all can make a difference.  We then use different teaching methods including demonstration, diagrams or videos to suit you and accelerate your learning.

Once you are ready we will have you driving around all the roads in Wolverhampton and you can look out for those striped traffic lights.

The road markings and junctions that you experience when driving in Wolverhampton will prepare you for driving anywhere.  The confidence of knowing, ‘if you can drive here you can drive anywhere’, means that if anything unexpected comes up on your driving test you will be prepared for it.

We know that your experience of learning to drive in Wolverhampton with Homers Driving School will be an enjoyable one – just take a look at the many recommendations here or on our Facebook page.

So if you live in Wolverhampton and are learning to drive give us a call on 0800 612 4897 and add your name to the growing list of those who passed first time with Homers Driving School.




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