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Provisional license holders allowed to drive on motorways from Monday the 4th of June

There is no stopping the increasing ability of Learner Drivers on the road. Minus the experience, learner drivers are the most in-the know drivers on the road, and their experience is set to grow.

As the most vulnerable drivers on the road newly passed motorists are the most likely to have a fatality on the road due to age, not judging certain situations correctly from lack of experience. However, hopefully with learner drivers being allowed under supervision on the motorway there should be a decrease in the amount of accidents that happen on the roads.

The rule change comes into effect from Monday the 4th of June 2018, so pupils please remember that it is not legal for you to drive on the motorway up until this point.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling previously said: “Allowing learners to drive on motorways in a supportive environment will help them develop a practical understanding of how to use motorways safely before driving independently.” There has been no news on if the driving test will change to incorporate the new motor way allowance yet.

Safety first

Here at Homers Driving School we will be fully embracing the changes and can’t wait to take our learners out on the motorway, giving them the experience and teaching them the correct practices for them to make safer journeys when they do pass their test.

If you want to learn how to drive on motorways with the friendly team at Homers Driving School, make sure you get in touch with us today! We currently have spaces for students in the following areas:

• Darlaston
• Tettenhall
• Bewdley
• Stourport
• Sedgley
• Wednesfield

Call us for free on 0800 612 4897 or send us a message over at our Facebook page to find out more information.

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