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Learning to Drive in Kidderminster

Your Step by Step Guide

Taking that first step to becoming an independent driver is an exciting, but daunting time.

Here at Homers Driving School in Kidderminster, we believe that the more you know, the less you have to worry about. So here’s a brief step-by-step guide for you wonderful Kidderminster locals about the stages involved in helping you learn to drive in Kidderminster.

Step One: Preparation

  • First you need to apply for your provisional licence which you can do from 15 years and 9 months from the uk website ready to learn to drive at 17 onwards (it’s never too late to learn to drive with Homers).


  • Then it’s important to find a reputable driving school in Kidderminster that knows the area and can provide a positive, fun and friendly experience with ADI approved instructors. Consider looking at reviews for reassurance, such as provided for Homers Driving School.


  • Set aside money each week for your Kidderminster driving school lessons. You can find pricing details of how much it costs to learn to drive in Kidderminster on Homers Driving School pricing page where you can find great deals for new drivers.


Step Two: Practice, Practice, Practice

  • If you’ve decided to choose a driving school with in-depth knowledge of the Kidderminster area and driving test routes such as Homers Driving School, then you’re in good hands. Continual practice of the local areas you know in Kidderminster will build confidence and practicing test routes will prepare you for your final practical test.


  • You can always practice alongside your paid-for driving lessons with a responsible driver who is over 21 and has held their full driving licence over 3 years as long you use an L plate on the front and back of the vehicle.


  • Remember, no minimum hours or driving lessons are required, but as you learn to drive in Kidderminster and around your local areas such as the Harriers football club or even in Wolverly and Cookley over the River Stour; you’ll begin to know the moment when you feel confident to take the next step.


Step Three: Focus on Your Pass

  • Learning to drive in Kidderminster is great for building confidence around areas that you know well, unfortunately you can’t take your tests here, so as your driving lessons continue you’ll need to focus on the important PASS in the test route areas.


  • There are two driving tests required to pass, the theory test (which includes a hazard perception test) and the practical test.


  • Your local Kidderminster driving school should help you to prepare for both tests, however you can also practice mock theory tests at the Safe Driving for Life website.


  • When you’re confident you know enough driving theory, book in for your theory test. If you learn to drive in Kidderminster, local theory test centres are at Haswell House, Worcester; Trafalgar House, Dudley or Derwent House, Wolverhampton.


  • Your driving school instructor can also let you know when they feel you’re ready to book and take your practical driving test following your successful theory test results. You can book your driving test at the uk website.


  • As a Kidderminster local yourself, you may be aware that the previous local driving test centre has now moved to Worcester, however if you prefer you can choose a test centre in Dudley or Ludlow. At Homers Driving School, we are happy to help you learn to drive in Kidderminster AND at your preferred test centre routes.
  • Driving tests take around 40 minutes which include 2 reversing manoeuvres, and you are welcome to have your driving instructor accompany you on the test.


Step Four: Make it Official


  • Your days of learning to drive with your ideal Driving School in Kidderminster are over. At Homers Driving School, we miss our students but we are glad to have supported them to become competent and independent drivers.


  • Finally, you can start the process of purchasing and insuring your own car, and planning those road trips to wherever you wish to go.


So congratulations on your commitment to learn to drive in Kidderminster! With Homers Driving School and Kidderminster based driving lessons, you are guaranteed an enjoyable, and positive driving experience just like this Kidderminster student.

To start your journey in learning to drive in Kidderminster, contact Homers Driving School today on 0800 612 4897.





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