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Learning to Drive Before University

A large percentage of our students have just turned 17 and are learning to drive before their 18th birthdays and before they finish school. However, it would be fair to say our next biggest pupil age range Is those coming back from university, who didn’t start before going off to university or manage to get passed whilst they were there. This can cause many problems for learners due to the fact that they then have work commitments and their flexibility is limited when it comes to availability for lessons.

Before you find yourself in this position, bear in mind that if you start learning this month, you’ll be able to pass your driving test before you go to university*!

This has many benefits as if you’re not driving whilst you’re at university, as you get older your insurance premiums will go down. You’ll also have a new lease of freedom when it comes to your weekends. If your University is in the middle of nowhere you can take your new friends to the nearest big city for the day, meaning you won’t be stuck relying on public transport which may make you late for lectures and cut into valuable learning time.

Passing your test before you go off to university is especially helpful if you’ll be living at home and commuting to your lectures and seminars. Running a car is a lot less financially stripping than taking out the student loan to pay for accommodation, food and bills.

If you want to pass your driving test before university make sure you get in touch today, by calling for free on 0800 612 4897, or by messaging us on Facebook to avoid heavy waiting lists. Don’t worry if you do find yourself in the position of not having done your driving test before university as when you come back you may be able to take advantage of our intensive driving courses, before you start the 9 to 5 life!

*Everybody learns at different speeds.

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