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Learning to drive in and around Bewdley

Bewdley is a small riverside town, that lies on the River Severn. Located in the beautiful setting of Wyre forest, Bewdley sits on the border of Shropshire, within a few miles of Kidderminster.

Popular with tourists, Bewdley offers generous cycle and walking routes through the town, down the river, and through Wyre Forest national nature reserve. Attractions also bring tourists to the town for the jubilee gardens, Bewdley Museum, and nearby West Midlands Safari Park.

Famous connections such as Thomas Telford who designed the Bewdley Bridge and former Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant who lives locally.

Getting you on the road

If you are at the age of 17 or older, it’s time to apply for your provisional driving licence.  You can apply for this via the DVLA. Once you have this in your hands, it’s time to give Homers a call and start your journey to freedom.

Homers know it can be pretty daunting when you first get behind the wheel, that’s why we offer a choice between a male or female driving instructor in the Bewdley area so that your driving environment works to boost your confidence. We also have a variety of vehicles for you to get accustomed to.

Tailoring all your needs

With absolute knowledge of the local areas and nearest test routes; meaning you will gain experience approaching situations that may come up during your driving test and other users on the road. Our friendly instructors will get you acquainted with routes that are commonly used for your important and hopefully only one practical test to get you on the road. This will help you gain confidence in Bewdley and the surrounding areas roads.

Trust Homers’ in Driving School

Although our Bewdley and surrounding areas Driving School Instructors are highly experienced and have been instructors with Homers for many years, they never give up updating their skills. As fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors’ they continually learn new methods, tips, and hints that will help you get to that ultimate PASS and will tailor each driving lesson to suit you.

If you are looking to learn in haste. Contact us about our crash courses to get you on the road to freedom in no time.

Sounds right down your road. Give us a call.

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