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Learning to Drive in Bewdley

Homers driving school is operating in Bewdley! Thanks to our high pass rate we are helping learners pass and get out and about in Bewdley!

Bewdley is a small riverside town and civil parish in the Wyre Forest District of Worcestershire on the Shropshire border in England, along the Severn Valley a few miles to the west of Kidderminster and 22 miles south west of Birmingham.

There are so many opportunities to explore in Bewdley once you have passed your test, such as going to the East Midlands 4-mile Safari park! As well as not having to hop the bus every time you decide to go to the Bullring in Birmingham.

Tips for driving in Bewdley!

  1. Give yourself a head start! It pays to know a little bit before your first lesson. Buy the drivers high way code and see what you can learn before your first lesson. This will make things easier when you’re driving and spotting road signs.
  2. Block book your lessons! This may work out cheaper in the long run and means you don’t have to worry about getting out money before lessons or stopping on lessons to cut out valuble driving time.
  3. Wear thin narrow shoes which will give you the right feel for the pedals when you first start. Thick shoes will halt your feel for the clutch and gas and will stall your learning.
  4. If you already have a car or are able to go out with a parent, take advantage of this! The average learner needs 45 hours of lessons and 20 hours of practice to pass the practical driving test. Ask your instructor when they think you’ll be ready to start practicing on the roads outside of lessons.
  5. Don’t be put out if you keep making mistakes, just make sure you try to remember whats happening and how the correct procedure is done. Making mistakes is part of the learning process and is nothing to be ashamed of! Many learners go through the stage where they get frustrated and then suddenly it will just click.
  6. Listen to your instructor. Treat lessons as if you were studying for a test, there is an end goal with your lessons so try and learn and not coast all the way through.
  7. Enjoy your learning! Driving is all about picking up a new skill, try and enjoy it as much as possible this will help you learn if you associate joyful positive emotions with the process.

When you’re learning to drive remember these skills! Learning to drive with Homers Driving School in Bewdley will set you up for a safe driving career. Get in touch or contact us today for prices and availability in your area.

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