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The new driving test

New test effective as of now!

For learners who have been stuck in the limbo of learning whilst the test was changing never fear. It has now passed over and for the first time since the test was last shaken up 21 years ago (when the theory was introduced) learners will have to go through a different type of examination to those drivers who occupied the roads before them.

The new changes to the test aim to make the examination more realistic to some of the maneuvers and scenarios they would find themselves in on the road. From this week on wards learners will have to conduct independent driving for 20 minutes which has doubled from the 10 previously required- all whilst following a sat nav.

Reversing around a corner has been scraped as it has been deemed highly unlikely that this would ever happen and has been replaced with more likely maneuvers such as bay parking. The test lasts 40 minutes and questions whilst driving are asked such as, ‘tell me where the window wipers are’, ‘show me how you’d clean your screen whilst driving’. Another maneuver that has been added to the test which has caused controversy with many driving examiners is the pull up on the right-hand side of the road and reverse. This maneuver has been deemed by many as being against the highway code!

Key changes you should now be practicing for:

  1. More independent driving

There will now be 20 minutes’ worth of independent driving where you can follow instructions from your instructor.

  1. Following sat nav directions

It won’t matter if you make a wrong turn as long as you don’t make a fault whilst doing so and you are allowed to ask your examiner for confirmation of where you are going. The sat nav used is a TomTom Start 52

  1. New reversing maneuvers

Reverse around the corner and turn in the road are to be scrapped, however pulling over on the right- hand side and reversing has been included.

  1. Answer vehicle safety questions whilst you are driving

The show me tell me questions used to be asked whilst you were stationary, however these will now be asked when you are driving so you can demonstrate just how things work.


When the changes we’re first announced, transport minister Andrew Jones stated “These changes announced today will help reduce the number of people killed or injured on our roads and equip new drivers with the skills they need to use our roads safely.

“Ensuring the driving test is relevant in the 21st century – for example, the introduction of sat navs, will go a long way towards doing this.”

Our driving instructors are fully trained in the new test and therefore will help you with everything you need to successfully pass, hopefully first time!


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