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It’s Not Too Late to Learn to Drive in Kidderminster

For many who didn’t get the opportunity to learn to drive in their teens, the thought of now learning to drive in Kidderminster when they’re older may leave them feeling like it’s just too late.

But learning to drive in your local area of Kidderminster isn’t a rite of passage exclusive to teenagers and those in their early 20’s.

Here at Homer’s Kidderminster Driving School we see many in their late 40’s, and beyond decide it’s time to get behind the wheel – any why not?

There are many reasons why people learn to drive at an age that suits them. It may be down to busy lives, full time jobs, caring for family, lack of interest or maybe just the fact that we find it easy to get around Kidderminster, with its good transport links (we even have a steam train if we fancy travelling in style).

However, if the time is now right for you to learn to drive in Kidderminster, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start.

Choosing the Right Kidderminster Driving School


The key to stress-free and enjoyable driving lessons is choosing the right Driving School.

Impatient, and irritable teachers can make you want to quit before you’ve even truly started.

At Homers Driving School, our Kidderminster based lessons are taught by the most patient, fun and positive instructors you’ll ever meet. Like Kidderminster local Instructor Rick Wooldridge (ADI qualified), who likes nothing more than to have a giggle whilst helping you enjoy learning to drive.

As a Driving School that offers local Kidderminster lessons, Homers Instructors also know the best places in Kidderminster to help you build confidence in your driving; whether that’s the bus routes you know so well or your local shopping centre area. We’ll also make sure we miss out the flood areas around Kidderminster, Bewdley– so you can focus purely on learning to drive.

Providing More Options for Your Circumstances


There’s no denying that as we get older, we are in a better position to know who we are and what we want.

That’s why, if you choose Homers Driving School to learn to drive in Kidderminster, we offer different options to put you completely at ease such as:

  • Choosing a male or female instructor
  • Learning to drive in a manual or automatic car (automatics remove the need to learn gears and they don’t stall)
  • Choosing areas in Kidderminster you are comfortable driving in before moving to test routes
  • Being provided with a dual control car for extra reassurance
  • Flexible lessons to suit your schedule (including weekends and evenings)

The Advantages of Being an Older Learner Driver in Kidderminster

Apart from its proud heritage, Kidderminster is also known for something else… the residents’ great sense of humour.

That’s why Homers Driving school loves to teach older Kidderminster students to drive because they’ve learnt from life, not to take themselves too seriously or get overly frustrated.

Being more experienced in life before learning to drive in Kidderminster also means that older students are more aware of the risks and dangers around them; such as knowing the school areas where extra caution is required and being able to anticipate problems and prevent accidents.

All that’s required of learning to drive in Kidderminster is finding a local driving school like Homers, whose instructors know the local area well and are determined to make sure your driving experience is happy and positive – then once you learn to LOVE driving, you’ll find that you can pass and be an independent driver in your later years.

To start your journey in learning to drive in Kidderminster, contact Homers Driving School today on 0800 612 4897.



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