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Preparing for your driving lessons in Halesowen: Driving for the first time

If you’re learning to drive in Halesowen, it can help to know what to expect before your first lesson.

If you’ve read our previous two blogs, you’ll hopefully know a bit more about the cockpit of a car and the main vehicle controls. The next big step is moving off. Don’t worry, your driving instructor will go through all the basics with you and you won’t set off until you feel ready, but it can help to be prepared.

One of the reasons we are such a successful driving school is down to our online learning to drive syllabus. This is a useful tool for anyone who’s getting behind the steering wheel for the first time, is about to take their test, or is an experienced driver who needs to brush up on their skills.

Moving off, driving position and stopping is a core subject when it comes to driving so you should give yourself plenty of time to master this area. If you want to get a head start on what to expect before starting your driving lessons in Halesowen, this blog will give you a good introduction to moving off, with much more detail included in the ‘Moving Off and Stopping’ page of the online syllabus.

Moving off

The moving off procedure is fundamental to driving as you will need it constantly, whether that’s starting your journey or moving away from junctions, kerbs or in queueing traffic. The key mantra to remember and say to yourself is:

POM – Prepare, Observe and Move

Prepare: Preparing the car to move off involves pressing the clutch down and selecting first gear. To find the ‘biting point’ with the clutch, bring it up to about half way by raising it about the thickness of a £1 coin to the count of four.

Then put your foot on the gas to move off. Usually a gently humming engine and around 1000 revs on the counter will do it, but this may vary depending on whether you’re on a flat road or a gradient.

Observe: You must assess whether it is safe for you to move off and whether an indicator is necessary. We recommend a 360-degree observation, starting with your central mirror, to check your surroundings and make sure you aware of other road users and pedestrians.

Then anticipate a suitable gap in the traffic, take another quick look over your left and right shoulders checking all blind spots, with a final look in your right door mirror.

Move: Release the hand brake and apply the signal if necessary. Raise the clutch until fully up. An increase in gas may not be needed, depending on gradients, traffic levels and the desired speed required.  

Normal driving position

Once you’ve moved off you will need to take up a normal driving position on the road. Your driving instructor will give you reference points on the car to line up with the edge of the kerb to help with this.

By the end of your first Halesowen driving lesson you will have covered many of the basics which will set you well on the road to becoming a qualified driver.

To begin your lessons with a successful driving school in Halesowen and to take advantage of our great deals for first time drivers, contact Homers today.




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