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Pros and Cons of becoming a driving instructor you need to know

The difficulty of the driving instructor test is not to be under estimated. The test is intense and out of the 18-20,000 candidates applying to become an ADI just under 4000 qualify. Even so, part three of the ADI test has the lowest pass rate and out of those 4000 this part has the lowest pass rate at just below 30%.


The examination consists of five modules each tested in a 2-hour examination. The modules are as follows:

  • Legal obligations and regulations
  • Management practices and procedures
  • Vehicle maintenance and mechanical principles
  • Driving theory, skills and procedures
  • Instructing practices and procedures.


Along with passing these five modules, you should also have a great attitude in order to create a supportive, effective, learning environment. Always being positive and showing demonstration when needed.


Your approach with the student should be in aim to build a good rapport with the pupil. You should strike a healthy balance between the 3 F’s; firm, friendly and fair.

You should be able to put pupils at ease, fill them with confidence and belief within themselves and establish an atmosphere where you can build a healthy teacher/ student relationship.


Useful tips for passing part 3 examination of the ADI test:


  • Deliver a strong and educational briefing of the lesson
  • Provide clear teaching at the exact level of pupil capability the examiner sets
  • Recognise any errors made
  • Scrutinise and enlighten faults
  • Correct faults
  • Keep control of the lesson

Environmental Analysis of the Driving Instructor Industry:

Political factors of becoming a driving instructor:

Fuel prices vary and fluctuate within the economy, which can be severely influenced by the political climate. For example, in the UK the country has just parted with Europe setting of the ‘Brexit’, deals and discussions. Depending on what kind of Brexit deal we as a country get, fuel prices could either go up or down, which makes the costs of overheads unpredictable.


Economical factors of becoming a driving instructor:

Economically becoming a driving instructor is very profitable as people are always needing to learn how to drive. Due to the country’s infrastructure the industry seems in no state to deteriorate the business any time soon.

Social- cultural factors of becoming a driving instructor:

Your social life will be better due to you choosing the hours that you work. Over time is available if you chose to work extra lessons, however you should make sure that you are punctual and regular for the lessons that you do commit to.

Technological factors of becoming a driving instructor:

Driving instruction is quickly becoming mobile which means that instructors need to understand how the internet and technology work. Most students will be led to you through our website at Homers which means you need to know about it. Correspondence with students will be held on phones so a good knowledge of technology is needed- especially with most students practicing for theory tests on their smart phones!

Legal factors of becoming a driving instructor:

All driving instructors that work as a franchise basis for Homers driving school, need to comply to the driving law in the UK. If this changes, instructors may have to go on refresher courses to make sure they fully understand new changes to tests and instruction methods.


Environmental factors of becoming a driving instructor:

If your vehicle is using too much petrol, and isn’t very economical, it will be costing more to run in the overheads and may be off- putting to potential students. Younger people are currently going through an eco- movement so this may be one of the questions they ask when making a decision on a driving instructor.


Each 30-minute phase will be graded from 1 to 6, with grade 4 and above being a pass. The minimum you need to pass Part 3 is a 4/4 on each 30-minute part. Grade 4 is adequate, grade 5 is good and grade 6 is excellent.

From the end of October 2017 the Part 3 test will change, you will be taking a real learner driver to teach in front of the examiner and your Grading will change to either A, B or fail with a score from 0 to 51 – 51 A will be the highest Grade available.


The Driving Instructor’s Handbook

John Miller

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