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All seasons driving lessons in Wolverhampton

No-one can plan for the weather when it comes to the time of your driving lesson. New drivers are often nervous enough about the prospect of getting behind the wheel for the first time, never mind the potential for bad weather.

If you’re lucky, your first lesson will be on a nice dry day with optimum weather conditions. However, you could be thrown straight in with rain or snow.

Expert tuition from expert driving instructors

Whatever the weather, Homers is an all seasons driving school in Wolverhampton. That means our expert driving instructors won’t shy away from going out in all weathers – and neither should you.

Unless conditions are particularly dangerous, your driving test will go ahead come rain or shine, so learning to tackle all weathers is an important part of learning to drive.

Understanding what to do in different weather scenarios could feature in your driving test. For example, if it starts raining, the examiner will expect you to know when to clear your windscreen and where the controls are.

Learning to drive is about more than just passing your test though. It’s about gaining the experience and confidence to become a safe driver for life. Having knowledge of all seasons driving is part of this.

Driving safely in the rain

Changes in the weather often call for changes in the way you drive to make sure you are driving appropriately and safely to suit the conditions.

There are certain factors and potential additional hazards to be aware of in adverse weather, such as rain.

For example:

  • Stopping distances are much greater when the road surface is wet
  • Visibility will be reduced due to falling rain and water on the windscreen
  • Standing surface water presents a risk of aquaplaning

These and other risks need to be taken into account when driving in the rain. If you experience wet weather conditions while out on your driving lessons in Wolverhampton, your driving instructor will talk you through the appropriate measures to take.

This could include:

  • Checking screen wash levels and windscreen wipers before setting off
  • Wiping your shoes on the car mat first to prevent your feet from slipping on the pedals
  • Driving at a reduced speed with a greater distance between you and the car in front, to allow for a bigger stopping distance
  • Using dipped headlights when visibility is less than 100 metres, as per the rules of the Highway Code
  • What to do if the steering becomes unresponsive, which is likely to mean surface water is preventing the tyres from gripping the road. In this case, you should ease off the accelerator and gradually slow down
  • Taking extra care around cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians
  • Not driving too fast through standing water and braking gently where possible
  • Being aware of spray from large or fast-moving vehicles
  • Being aware of the dangers of spilt diesel as this will make the road surface even more slippery

Homers Driving School is home to the best driving instructors in the region. We demand more from our instructors than most other schools and they are qualified to high standards. As a result, our pupils average half the amount of lessons when compared to other companies and our first-time pass rates are almost double the national average.

Contact us today to find out more about our affordable driving lessons in Wolverhampton.

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