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The Secret to Passing Your Driving Test First Time

Sorry to disappoint you but there is no secret formula to guarantee a pass on your driving test.

Your driving during your test has to be at the high standard that is required and you need to show you have control of the car and confidence on the road in order to pass your test.  What we can tell you… is a little inside information on giving you the best chance of passing your test first time in Wolverhampton.

Driving lessons in Wolverhampton, or anywhere, take time and cost money.  And everybody gets nervous on their driving test and would prefer to only have to take it once.  So, the quicker you can pass your driving test, the better, right?

When new learners start looking for driving lessons in Wolverhampton one of the first questions they ask is about pass rates.  Why are pass rates so important to a new learner?  Pass rates help you to choose who to take your driving lessons with and give an indication of the success of the driving school.

At Homers we say that we will get you through the test as fast and as cheaply as possible.  Here’s the proof of that.  The 2016 driving test pass rate in Wolverhampton was 42.4%.  However, with driving lessons in Wolverhampton with Homers Driving School our first-time pass rate is 83%. 

We have such a high pass rate in Wolverhampton for two main reasons.

Our driving lessons are of an extremely high quality and standard.  Owner Mark Gough has the highest driver qualifications available making him one of the most highly qualified DVSA approved instructors in the UK – and this high standard of teaching is conveyed to all Homers driving instructors.

Our approach to teaching is different.  We really believe that your driving lessons in Wolverhampton should be fun.  You learn quicker when you enjoy your driving lessons.

The enjoyment of your driving lessons doesn’t just mean that you’ll be ready to take your test sooner; it also makes you a better driver.  If you actually enjoy driving you are more likely to feel confidant when behind the wheel on your driving test.  Your calm confidence will reassure the driving test examiner and you will be more likely to pass.

Wolverhampton’s Female Drivers Take the Lead

We have good news for female drivers too.  Although the national first time pass rates are higher for men than they are for women, our first-time pass rate is actually higher for our female drivers.

This is a reflection of our customer focused approach to driving lessons for all of our learners, male or female.  We use our experience to make you feel safe and confident during your driving lessons at all times.  Our Wolverhampton driving instructors use a variety of methods to teach you on your driving lessons.  They explaining tricky techniques clearly, from showing you videos to swapping seats with you and demonstrating what to do.

What can we say?  Our methods work.  And our results prove it!

Give yourself the best chance of passing first time by choosing Homers Driving School for your driving lessons in Wolverhampton.  Call 0800 612 4897 to discuss which package deal of driving lessons is best for you.

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