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Show Me, Tell Me Answers for your Wolverhampton Driving Lessons

When you first start to learn to drive in Wolverhampton, your main focus is on how to operate the vehicle properly and safely manoeuvre through your local towns, perhaps through Willenhall, Codsall or Bilston.

However, in the back of your mind, you know that to become an independent driver it’s not just learning to drive in Wolverhampton safely that’s important, but also learning and understanding driving theory and the highway code.

That’s why our students are delighted to discover that Homers Driving School provides additional support and advice to passing your theory test when you learn to drive in Wolverhampton with them.

Theory Support and Learning to Drive in Wolverhampton

Our experienced and friendly advanced driving instructors are all trained to support you to learn the driving knowledge which will prepare you for both your theory and practical tests.

For example, when you start to learn to drive in Wolverhampton with Homers, our instructors will teach you how to answer the Show me / Tell me questions which will be asked at the start of your driving test.

So when the driving test examiner asks you to open the bonnet of the car and tell them how you would check if the engine has sufficient oil, you won’t have to panic.

Homers Driving School Instructors will have prepared you to expertly open the car bonnet, identify the oil level indicator (dipstick) and then explain how you would;

  • remove the dipstick
  • wipe it with a cloth
  • replace the dipstick fully
  • remove again to check the oil level against the markers
  • decide if the car requires a top up and where this would be added

You would also know that this process is best carried out when the vehicle has stood on level ground for more than 30 minutes.

This ‘tell me’ type question will likely be followed by a ‘show me’ question such as ‘how would you check the brake lights are working on the car’.

For these types of questions, each time you learn to drive in Wolverhampton, your instructor will set aside time to demonstrate how this could be done to prepare you. In this case, you could show how you would check the brake with the engine off, by operating the brake pedal, but making use of any reflective areas such as windows, garage doors or other cars to see if both lights are operating correctly.

If there are no objects for the brake lights to shine on, you can also ask someone to look whilst you press the brake pedal.

Choosing Homers for a Confident Pass   

When you learn to drive in Wolverhampton with Homers Driving School, you can be confident that not only will you receive clear and helpful driving lessons around Wolverhampton, Willenhall and local areas, but you will also receive expert guidance for your theory tests and your show me / tell me questions within your practical test.

So for the best opportunities to pass your driving tests, you know you’ve made a great decision when you choose Homers Driving School to learn to drive in Wolverhampton.

To learn more about show me / tell me driving test questions you can visit this link or to start learning to drive in Wolverhampton, book your affordable lessons here

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