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Driving Instructor Standards Check

If you’re a driving instructor or thinking about joining our driving school you may have already heard about the ADI standards check.

The Advanced Driving Instructor standards check happens once every two to four year period and assesses your ability to teach pupils. You have to take a standards check even if you don’t have a car or are not working as an ADI. If you don’t comply with the standards check you can and most likely will be removed from the ADI register.

What to expect at the check

First of all, a driver and vehicle standards agency examiner will watch you give a driving lesson to one of your own pupils. They will make sure that everything you’re teaching meets the national standards for driver and rider training. They will make sure that your style of teaching is client based and meets an individual pupils needs – this is where an element of lesson planning comes in.

You will be marked on 17 areas of competence that are grouped into three categories, the categories are lesson planning, risk management, teaching and learning skills. You get marked 0-3 for each of the 17 competencies which then get added up to work out your grade. If you decide to take a career with Homers Driving School we will support you and get you ready for this when your standards check is approaching.

The test assumes that you, the ADI, have maintained and improved your competence, at both the theoretical and practical levels, since you acquired your advanced driving instructor license. And those going under their standards check will be expected to demonstrate at least level 3 competence and enable safe and responsible driving / riding. Tests usually last as long as your lesson lasts, so If this is one hour long your test will be one hour with 15 minutes at the end to discuss your grade.

If you think that this sounds like the career path you could easily settle into and want a new source of income that suits your flexibly and home commitments, please get in touch today to enquire about joining the family here at Homers Driving School, there are so many benefits! Call today, for free on 0800 612 4897 or message us on Facebook!

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