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Learning to drive in Stourport

Stourport on Severn is a picturesque Georgian Canal town in the heart of the Severn Valley. As well as offering locals and tourists a number of exciting days out the town can now offer top quality driving instruction, as Homers driving school is now offering lessons in and surrounding the area.

Tips for learning to drive with Homers in Stourport

  1. Choose your instructor, contact us to find out who your local Stourport instructor might be and for details on prices.
  2. Start your lessons, you’ve now booked your lessons and are now in the driving seat, make sure you keep up with them and try not to miss any so that you don’t halt your learning. You might be a little nervous at this point so you should check out our tips to combat driving anxiety after you’ve read this post.
  3. Start practicing for your theory- realistically the earlier you practice for your theory the easier it will be to drive. By reading up on road signs and speed limits you will be able to read signs around the Stourport area more accurately which will  help you when you come to take your practical test- which will be on a Stourport route.
  4. Take your practical test- Hopefully by practicing and learning with one of our friendly, professional advanced driving instructors you should manage to pass your test first time!
  5. Make sure you take your learning seriously and don’t just coast at lessons. Take the lessons as you would when practicing for an exam, revise certain elements that won’t stick. If you don’t understand something make sure you answer back to your instructor so that you understand why you are doing what you’re doing.

However long it takes you to learn or pass, don’t worry. Everybody learns at different rates and at different ways, get in touch for more information about Homers Driving School in Stourport.

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