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Tailored driving lessons in Wolverhampton

When it comes to learning to drive, there are various ways you can go about it. Most commonly, people either book a series of lessons spread over several weeks or months, or an intensive course of lessons packed into a shorter timeframe.

Whether you’re looking for regular or intensive driving lessons in Wolverhampton, you’ve come to the right place.

Driving courses designed especially for you

At Homers Driving School, we design our courses around your requirements. Courses of driving lessons are structured especially for you, based on your level of experience, your aspirations and your time scales.

Our driving instructors work closely with pupils from the outset to create tailored courses geared towards helping you achieve your driving goals.

Intensive driving lessons

Sometimes, intensive driving lessons – also known as a ‘crash course’ – offers the best solution for learning to drive. For example:

  • If you have limited time and would struggle to commit to regular lessons, then getting the majority of your learning done during a one or two-week block course may be more realistic
  • You may find intensive training to be a preferable learning method, especially if you struggle to retain information from one driving lesson to the next
  • If you need to be able to drive as soon as possible, or to meet a certain deadline, intensive driving lessons may be your only option
  • Intensive driving lessons could work out cheaper in the long run, particularly if time constraints mean you would struggle to maintain consistency of lessons
  • A short intensive course could be useful for topping up your knowledge ahead of your test, or if you’ve had a long break since your last lessons

The content of an intensive course is exactly the same as any regular driving course, it’s just taught over a shorter period of time.

However, that’s not to say this method is for everyone. If you’re thinking of intensive driving lessons in Wolverhampton, our experienced, highly-qualified driving instructors can help you decide whether it’s the right course of action for you.

Pass your driving test quickly

Whether you opt for an intensive course or not, Homers Driving School has an excellent success rate when it comes to getting pupils through their driving test quickly.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency advises that it can take an average 45 hours of professional tuition before a pupil is ready to book a driving test. At Homers Driving School, we average 27.5 hours.

Yet at the same time, our pupils require only half the driving lessons of other schools and our first-time pass rate of 83% is phenomenal – especially when you compare it to the national average first-time pass rate of just 47%.

This success rate is down to our tried and tested techniques and our top rate driving instructors. When it comes to finding a driving instructor in Wolverhampton, you won’t find better anywhere else.

Cheap driving lessons in Wolverhampton

You would think that our high success rate would come at a premium, but it really doesn’t. We offer genuine value for money on driving lessons, whether you opt for an intensive course or regular lessons.

With our deals for new drivers, the cost of driving lessons couldn’t be more affordable, with 10-hour blocks available for just £125.

Feel free to get in touch for more information or advice about driving lessons in Wolverhampton.



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