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Taking Your Test in Halesowen? How to Prepare…

Are you currently learning to drive in Halesowen or Wolverhampton?

Then it won’t be long before you’re booking your practical driving test… or perhaps you already have a date for your practical test and it’s coming up soon.

How will you be preparing to do your best on the day?

Well apart from continuing to take your regular driving lessons in Halesowen or Wolverhampton and following the guidance of your driving instructor, there are some things you can do to help prepare for your driving test.

Practical Steps for Your Practical Test 

It’s completely natural to feel nervous and a bit apprehensive before or during your driving test, but while you are still learning to drive in Halesowen, Wolverhampton or your local area, it can help to do the following:

  • Practice and then practice again.

Confidence comes with time and experience, so make sure you get as much of this as possible by extra sessions learning to drive with your Halesowen Driving Instructor before your test. Or ask an experienced driver if you can practice in their car, perhaps a parent or close friend, but make sure you get your learner driver insurance sorted first!

  • Learn the most likely test routes

Reputable driving schools like Homers Driving School, have instructors that possess an excellent understanding of the local areas and the routes your driving examiner will take you on during your practical test. So, to help you prepare as you take your driving lessons in Halesowen / Wolverhampton, our driving instructors will take you to practice driving along these routes that are nearest your local test centre in Lower Gornal, Dudley (for Halesowen) or Ettingshall / Featherstone (for Wolverhampton).

During these sessions, it’s helpful to familiarise yourself with the roads, junctions, exits and any roadworks to ensure that nothing will surprise you, or confuse you during the practical test.

  • Learn your way around your vehicle

With the show me / tell me1 questions that are part of your practical test, it’s important to know the workings of the car that you are using for your driving lessons around Halesowen or Wolverhampton. If you’re still unsure how to open the bonnet, check the oil or what certain controls do – it’s important to ask your instructor to show you how.

  • Brush up on the highway code

Yes, you should already be familiar with learning and applying the highway code as you learn to drive in Halesowen, but revising before you take your test will help you avoid any serious faults with an automatic fail – especially if you find yourself in a situation you haven’t encountered before – such as what to do if an emergency vehicle comes up behind you while you are stopped in a queue of traffic.

In addition to these practical steps, we also have some hints and tips that may help on the day to prepare you for your driving test.

Helpful Tips for on the Day

When the day finally arrives for your practical test and you’ve had your final driving lesson in Halesowen or local Wolverhampton, then it’s time to do some final preparations:

  • Sleep and Eat: No, not during your test, but before by making sure you get plenty of rest and enough to eat so that your mind and body can be ready for the challenge. There’s nothing worse than trying to concentrate when you’re feeling sleepy, tired or with a rumbling stomach.
  • Make sure you have everything you need in advance: Don’t rush around at the last minute and cause extra stress for yourself. Make sure you have what you need to take the test, including glasses or contact lenses, your provisional license, your theory test certificate and hopefully a positive attitude! 
  • Give yourself a pep talk: Nerves are one of the biggest obstacles, causing us to make mistakes we wouldn’t normally have made. So, believe in yourself, avoid putting extra pressure on yourself by telling everyone that you’re taking the test, and perhaps prepare some music to listen to before to give you a confidence boost; but remember, stay positive, you’ve already done everything that the examiner is going to ask, all you need to do is show them that you can.


For that extra dose of confidence before your driving test, you can rely on Homers Driving School to provide driving instructors in Halesowen that are happy to provide you with support to achieve the above practical steps during your driving lessons.


For more information, visit our page on driving tests or contact us here.

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