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Telegraph reports drop in 17- 25 year olds learning how to drive, however our diaries have never been as full!

For decades it has been the traditional birthday present for teenagers to receive driving lessons on their 17th birthday, however recently the Telegraph reported that the number of teenagers learning to drive had slumped by 18% over the past 10 years.

High costs are being to blame with insurance policy figures for new drivers costing some new drivers around £4000, however this mustn’t put younger drivers off. Especially with our new post on how to keep your insurance policy on the low side! Despite young peoples stretched finances, when looking at the information deeper, this demographic aren’t ditching cars by as many busloads as the telegraph might suggest!

We’re recruiting!

Here at Homers, it’s the opposite of what we’re seeing and the teenage demographic is still the most popular making up to 90% of our pupils. Every day a new nervous driver sits behind the wheel of one of our cars and aims to become a qualified driver. In fact in some areas we are heavily recruiting for instructors as people are waiting to start their lessons.

The latest figures, for January to March this year, show a 20% rise in practical tests since the same period last year. A consistent 46% of candidates were aged 17-20 (80% were under 31).

The 2008 recession put the brakes on demand – which explains why the 10-year trend looks grim. But numbers are now on an upwards trajectory and returned to pre-recession levels for the first time this year.

This means that the only way for our business is up, and if you or anybody you know is interested in becoming a driving instructor then get in touch today! We have plenty of work, and most of our instructors have very long waiting lists. Join our driving instructor family and earn up to £30,000 a year.

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