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Tips for Choosing the Right Driving Instructor for You

It’s not easy to pass your driving test, no matter what those around you might say. There are lots of potential issues that you face when you decide to learn to drive, and the pressure from friends and family is just one thing that you have to tackle. However, the single best thing that you can do to make it more likely that you pass your driving test is to choose the right driving instructor. That instructor will need to suit you and the ways that you learn, on top of knowing all that there is to know about life on the road. The better your driving instructor, the more likely that you will develop driving confidence, and that can be the key to being a better driver. Here’s what to look for when choosing the right driving instructor for you.

Know The Vehicle

In most cases, the car that your instructor drives will be the one that you take your test in. That means that you need to feel comfortable behind the wheel of their car. Check for  manual or automatic gears, and always ensure that the car is the right size. Many people don’t feel comfortable driving a bigger vehicle, while others will be too self-conscious in a small car to drive confidently. Always check that your instructor has a car with dual controls as well, as this is a good indicator that they are fully qualified and know what they are doing.

The Right Instructor

When people start learning to drive, they immediately ask friends and family for advice. This often leads to instructors being used that aren’t ideal for the new driver. Everyone is different, so as well as the professional qualifications, you also need to ensure that your instructor has the soft skills that will make it easier for you to learn. Make sure that they can communicate clearly in a calm way that will encourage you to learn faster. If you get an impatient instructor, then you will try to learn to drive while stressed, and that’s never a good environment for learning new skills. Remember to check any online reviews from past pupils for a better idea of what to expect.

Find Specialists

Most instructors offer specialist services alongside basic driving skills. This is where it pays to do your research. You don’t want to book an intensive crash driving course when all you want is help to pass your Theory Driving Test quickly. Check the credentials and the services offered by your driving instructor, and you’ll not only be more comfortable with them, but you’ll learn exactly what you need to learn. When it comes to passing tests, you need the instructor that suits your learning style, so don’t rush into making the wrong choice.

Passing your driving test, whether it’s the first attempt or the tenth, is exhilarating. There’s nothing quite like the freedom of taking control of your own travel. While there are more driving instructors than ever, not all of them are going to teach you in the right way. Take your time to find the right instructor, and you could have the license in your hand and the freedom of the open road before you know it.

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