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Watch Your Speed! [Learn to Drive in Wolverhampton]

Most people who attend our speed awareness courses would not have deliberately driven over the limit.  It is usually an error of judgement”, Alan Prosser, Director of the TTC Group.

The speed awareness course being referred to is the driver re-education course that can be offered by the Police following a driving offence.  The aim of the course is to make the driver take responsibility for their actions and be better drivers in the future in order to make the roads safer for everyone.

If you are given the option to attend the Speed Awareness Course in Wolverhampton, you are probably feeling a little relieved as the alternative would be an endorsement and penalty points on your driving licence.

At the very least it could mean increased insurance premiums and a fixed penalty fine.  For new drivers in particular this could have more serious consequences.  If a new driver gets six or more points within two years of passing their test their licence will be revoked.

If, in general, people are not deliberately driving over the speed limit, why does this happen?  Isn’t one of the first things you are told when you start learning to drive the speed limit of the road?  So surely it’s one of the basics of driving?

Take a moment to think about your experience learning to drive in Wolverhampton, or the roads around Willenhall; either as a passenger or learner driver; can you state what the speed limits are on every road?  If you were in the driving seat would you guess or just go along with the traffic flow?

If your standard response when asked what the speed limit was would be a vague, ‘…urm, National Speed Limit..?’, without fully understanding what that means, then you could easily find yourself unintentionally driving above the speed limit.

It is possible to be found speeding more than once, on just one journey, and potentially losing your licence as a consequence.

There is no question that the roads need to be made safer and therefore these retraining courses do help.  But why should you have to pay £85* to retrain to drive in Wolverhampton when you can be taught all of this during your lessons when you learn to drive with Homers Driving School.

The retrain Speed Awareness Course will help you to recognise speed limits and road types, address possible reasons for speeding and teach you driving skills to help manage your speed to reduce your likelihood of speeding in the future.  You learn all of this when learning to drive with Homers – before you pass your test.

Homers Wolverhampton driving instructors want safe drivers too and use the most up to date information relating to speed awareness when teaching learner drivers.  With Homers, you will learn to drive in Wolverhampton safely first time and have no need for retraining courses in the future.

If you are located in the Willenhall or Wolverhampton areas and would like to receive expert driving instruction to become a safe and confident driver call 0800 612 4897 or look here to see other areas covered by Homers Driving School.


*current cost of the Wolverhampton speed awareness course.



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