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Why Enrol for A Crash Driving Course at Homers Driving School

Intensive driving courses are great for people looking for fast driving lessons and want to avoid the difficulties that hourly lessons have. Normal driving lessons take a long time to complete, which affects the pace and the learning ability of the subject. A crash course is designed to offer back-to-back lessons for a short time, so the information that has been taught is retained. The premise is that most of the knowledge learnt remains fresh in the mind, so the student is confident to take driving tests after a week of back to back lessons. The courses are great refresher lessons for people who have some experience in driving but have not been on the road for some time. Homers Driving School offers short driving lessons to suit the student’s busy schedules. Our curriculum caters to students who want to take either automatic or manual crash course. Here’s a breakdown of the courses.

Automatic Crash Course

The course is ideal for those who have little or no experience in driving. Our instructors have designed different lessons for the learners based on their level of expertise. The first is designed for learners who are at the ‘Test Standard’ or have not passed a recent manual or automatic driving test. It is a six-hour course taken that takes 1 or 2 days. We charge reasonable rates for such short driving courses; for example, the six-hour session costs £ 390 where the student makes an initial deposit of £ 120. There is also a ten-hour course for learners who have trained in the past but only need to sharpen their driving skills with the help of a qualified ADI Driving Instructor. The session lasts 2-3 days and costs £550.

Those who have 20 hours of driving experience but have not yet taken driver’s test should enrol for our 14-hour driver’s test. The 14 hours can be spread across a week, so you will be through with the driver’s test by Friday after enrolling for the test on a Monday. Students who have little or no experience in driving should register for the 25, 32 or 40-hour driving course as they are more intense. The 40-hour short course, for example, provides the theory part of learning how to drive and practical tests. You can check our website for a comprehensive overview of the different packages and their prices.

Manual Crash Course

Most modern vehicles are fitted with automatic transmissions. They are easier to learn as you only need to point the car in the right direction, press the pedal and you are ready to go. As such, most students are inclined to enrol for automatic driving courses, leaving out manual courses. A manual driving course is ideal for people who want to obtain a manual licence. The licence covers both automatic and manual cars while an automatic licence is for automatic vehicles only. In addition, a manual license comes in handy when looking to buy the first car because it entitles you to drive and obtain insurance for both manual and automatic vehicles. You will also note that manual courses are a little cheaper than their automatic counterparts. For example, our six-hour intensive driving course for manual vehicle costs £ 320 compared to £ 390 for automatic cars. Our site shows the prices for manual driving courses in the West Midlands. Manual courses also come in handy for learners who want to join specific occupations like truck driving, on-site engineers in 4WD, mechanics or emergency services. Students also get to learn about the basics of driving a vehicle, e.g., what is required regarding the driver’s input. An automatic vehicle has automatic responses for downshifts on a long steep road, but a manual car needs drivers to do it. Also, a manual driving course allows you to master the fundamental features of the vehicle, which prepares you for any situation.


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