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Why Manual Intensive Driving Courses Are Worth the Trouble

Learning how to drive has become almost necessary for most people. Luckily, the options available when looking to get driving lessons are numerous. The intensive driving course is one of the training options that you can pick if you wish to refresh your skills or learn from scratch but don’t want the typical course. Homers Driving School offers solutions for such learners. Courses are divided into categories to cater to the different types of people who want to learn how to drive. Whether you already have some experience or are a teenager working on your first license, you can find suitable courses in the West Midlands. The question of the value of intensive courses is a familiar one, and it helps to know what to expect.

Why Get a Crash Course?

Some people have pretty crammed schedules that they are rarely able to finish the months-long driving courses. Even though it may be more convenient to fit a few hours a week into the calendar, some people end up giving up half-way through. A manual crash course is perfect for such an individual. The way the lessons are designed is that you can have everything taking a week hence, the ‘intensive’ part. Whether it’s a student or a professional who needs to get done with the training, this course is perfect. You can also get instructor training under the same comprehensive plan. Learners have the advantage of fully qualified instructors. Some people prefer to have private instructors because they have trouble concentrating on the road or may take a while to feel confident driving. An intensive course offers that advantage of working with an instructor one-on-one especially if you require help with a practical test.

Suitable Courses for Various Learners

Not everyone who wants to get on the road has the same experience, and that is why Homers Driving Schools has categorised its lessons to meets the varying needs. Manual intensive driving courses are available for pupils who have already been through training but failed. You can take a day to refresh some elements and correct minor mistakes that may have contributed to the first failure. The second level of training offers a bit more with students taking 10 hours over 2-3 days. It is ideal if you have been through training but still need a qualified instructor to prepare for the final test. If you have had up to 20 hours of driving experience but still need to sharpen your skills, the Perfect Intensive Driving course is suitable. In one week, you can get 14 hours of training and do your practical test.

What if you are not sure when you are available but still want to finish your manual driving course? Well, there is a package for that too. You will complete 25 hours of learning but the schedule will be customised to meet your availability. For the teenager who has had a few lessons but is still not confident on the road, the 32-hour crash course allows you to learn how to operate a manual car over several weeks. Then, there is the 40-hour course that is structured for a complete novice who has never handled a vehicle before. The payment requirements are provided with the courses, so look them up before picking one. For a pupil who is unsure about which package is most appropriate, you can speak to professionals at Homers to get some assistance.

Manual intensive driving courses have become popular due to the convenience, they offer. When you want to get your driver’s license fast, have a tight schedule to accommodate a traditional course or want to refresh your skills in a day, a manual crash course is ideal. Homers Driving School has a choice of packages for all pupils.


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