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Have you ever wondered how rewarding it would be to give back to society, more specifically a community that’s local to you? Have you ever wanted to be your own boss and leave the 9-5 behind?

Well its good news! We’re still recruiting for driving instructors in the black country area which means that if you want to change careers and come and work for a driving school where there is opportunity for everyone, who go on various team building trips (Ice Drive Sweden) and actually care about their staff then you are in the right place!

Job Opportunities in Wolverhampton, Dudley and the black country.

Our driving school employs only the best instructors and we can help you through training and exams before you qualify! If you work for yourself already and are finding it hard to keep your books full you can also join our driving school to keep you busy and get you lots of work! We currently have lots of students on waiting lists to learn so there are so many students in the Black Country area in need of your service.

If you want an exciting opportunity and are passionate about driving and making a difference to a young person’s life get in touch today and we will help you fill out the application forms and support, you through all of your training here at Homers Driving School to get you ready to go.

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