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Case Study: The Key to Enjoyable Driving Tuition in Kidderminster

Does the thought of booking another driving lesson in Kidderminster instantly make your palms sweat and your stomach flip?

Even if you’ve previously had driving lessons, sometimes a lack of confidence, nerves, bad experiences or failed tests can make you feel that you have no choice but to give up driving completely.

But have you ever considered that the problem may not be with you – but with your previous driving tuition?

Here’s how one of our learner drivers discovered just why things were going wrong:

Reassuring Driving Tuition Reviews Motivate Action

After months of struggling with a pushchair on public transport, one of our recent learners decided that maybe it was time to restart their driving tuition in Kidderminster again.

The problem was however, that failed tests and negative driving instructors had left them feeling anxious and concerned that any attempt to start driving lessons again would just end up wasting money and leaving them miserable.

After a quick internet search for driving lessons in Kidderminster, a review of Homers Driving School caught their eye.

Before I started to learn with homers I had some really terrible instructors which had shredded my nerves to bits! Homers managed to put me at ease, even though I was delaying putting in for my test they got me to do it and I for one will always be grateful. I passed my test yesterday and am loving every minute of driving” – S. Morgan.

The thought that a driving instructor could turn shredded nerves into confidence and competence was enough motivation to call Homers Driving School and book in for another trial driving lesson.

A Driving School with a Difference

After a brief chat about previous driving experiences, Homers friendly driving school representative could tell that a boost in confidence was all that was needed for this student to have a much better experience behind the wheel.

But first Homers needed to establish exactly how they could put the learner at ease for their return to driving lessons by asking questions such as:

“Would you prefer a male or female instructor?”

 “Would you like to learn in manual or automatic car?”

“Which area would you like to take your test so that you can practice the test route?”

Knowing exactly what they would be driving, whom they would be driving with and where instantly helped the student driver to relax a bit more. However there was still the matter of the first lesson.

Tailored Driving Lessons in Kidderminster

Having attending a different driving school in Kidderminster, the student learner assumed that the lessons would be the same, using the same roads and with another negative instructor.

However when their instructor turned up on time, sporting a huge smile and eager to help, it was clear that driving lessons with Homers would be different.

After speaking with the student driver about previous lessons and driving knowledge, the instructor tailored the driving lesson specifically around their abilities, carefully choosing the right areas in Kidderminster for a relaxed and stress free driving lesson that allowed them to revisit previous skills.

The student later remarked that their instructor’s patience, humour and positivity made them realise that they really did have the ability to be a confident driver.

After just a few lessons around the students local well known area of Kidderminster the instructor suggested that it was time to practice around the roads of the test routes.

As there is no test centre in Kidderminster, the nearest test centres and routes would take them to Worcester, Dudley or Ludlow. Thankfully all Homers experienced and fully qualified driving instructors know each driving test area extremely well and so allowed the student to make their own choice depending on which area was most comfortable for them.

After choosing Ludlow test centre, both Instructor and Student would make the quick journey across from Kidderminster to spend an enjoyable driving lesson navigating the picturesque town of Ludlow until, before they knew it, the student was finally enjoying drivingsomething they never thought would be possible.

The results were that the student passed straight away after driving tuition with Homers Driving School and realised that even with terrible nerves and extremely low confidence, sometimes all you need is someone to believe you can do it with driving lessons that are planned to suit YOU, not the driving school.

To experience just how dedicated Homers Driving School Instructors are in making your driving tuition in Kidderminster one that you can really, finally enjoy – call their friendly team on 0800 612 4897 or fill in the contact form below.

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