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Price of Driving Lessons

Lessons are usually paid in cash to the instructor on the lesson. All Lessons are for at least 1 Full Hour. We do not “Piggy Back” so you will not be dropping the Instructors previous student home.

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Manual Car Driving Lessons – Choose From 3 Great Deals

Deal 1:

New Drivers (never driven a car before)

10 Hours: £125.00

Consisting of 6 Hour lessons when you start and 4 Hour lessons when you have booked a Practical Driving Test. We reccomend if the instructor has availability the students take the first 6 hours as 3x 2 hour long lessons and the last 4 hours as 2x 2 hour lessons *further terms apply see the terms and conditions link at the bottom of this page for full details.

Regular Driving Lessons:

1 Hour: From £24.00

1½ Hours: From £36.00

2 Hours: From £48.00


Deal 2

New drivers (never driven a car before)

4 Hours: £60.00

Consisting of a 2 Hours of  lesson when you start & 2 Hour of lessons when you have booked a Practical Driving Test *further terms apply

Regular Driving Lessons

1 Hour: From £24.00

1½ Hours: From £36.00

2 Hours: From £48.00


Deal 3

Driven before or a brand new driver First 2 Hours: £25.00

1 Hour: From £24.00

1½ Hours: From £36.00

2 Hours: From £48.00


Automatic Driving Lessons

1 Hour from £27.50 to  £30.00

Premium rate Priority service available From £40.00 per Hour please call us for details.

Test day

Pre test lesson, car hire for the test and driven home after:

Subject to test centre location ask your instructor for the cost £


Block bookings

(for all of the above deals)

Ask your instructor for about our great deals!


Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers

We can provide a driving lesson gift voucher for any of the offers above. Or any money value you would like. Or number of hours.

Sorry we don’t have an online facility for this but call us now and we can arrange a same day voucher.

Pass Plus

Pass Plus:

Manual Car £149.00

Automatic Car £179.00


Motorway Tuition

2 Hours:

£60.00 manual cars

£70.00 automatic cars


*A regular commitment to lessons is required. Full terms and conditions and be found on our terms and conditions page. These will also be issued by the Driving Instructor.

Driving Lesson Areas:

New Drivers:

Gift Vouchers:

Pass Plus: