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All of our Driving Instructors are fully qualified and Driving Standards Agency (DVSA) Registered and they have all passed a Disclosure and Barring Sevice check (DBS) formally known as a Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) Check.

All Homer’s Driving School Driving Instructors by Law have to display there DVSA Licence in the front windscreen of their car signifying they are fully qualified. Many of them have achieved the highest accolade and hold a Grade A (The highest grade for a standard Driving Instructor) we use iPad and other technology to help you learn faster.

Here at Homer’s we have high morals and believe all aspects of your leaner king should be transparent to you, ultimately we would not want anyone to get hurt or financially deprived.

This is the badge a Trainee Driving Instructor Has to display by Law:

Driving instructor training Oldbury

Some of our Driving Instructors Display these additional Badges:

Fleet Driver Training

Fleet Driving Training Instructor

This means they are qualified beyond the standard Driving Instructor to give all aspects of Advanced Driving Techniques beyond learners and they do teach these to their learners.

ORDIT- Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers

This badge is the highest level a Driving Instructor can achieve; they are the best of the best and at present only just under 300 people in the UK hold this qualification of 50,000 Driving Instructors. We have several of them on our team!

Do you wish to join the ORDIT Register:

Beginning of April 2019 ORDIT changed to be in line with the Standards Check and Part 3 assessment criteria.

  • If you are already and ADI Trainer or you wish to move into this area you must be a Grade “A” Instructor
  • If you are currently on the ORDIT Register and are a Grade “B” Instructor you must pass your next ORDIT inspection with a Grade “A”
  • If you are a Grade “B” Instructor and wish to join the ORDIT Register you must first pass the next Standards Check with a Grade “A” in order to apply to join the ORDIT Register and must then pass your inspection with a Grade “A”

If you wish to develop your skills and grow in confidence, please call 0800 612 6650 to enquire about ORDIT Training courses running in your area.


Visit Mark at:                                                                                                                                                                The Instructor Hub                                                                                                                                                           1 Baird House, Second Avenue, Pensnett Trading Estate, Kingswinford Dudley DY6 7YA.

(right by the DVSA Practical Driving Test Centre Newton House Dudley)

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