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All our cars are new and fully up to date with technology. They’re fitted with lots of different gadgets to help you out (they are automatically computer controlled so you don’t think about them).

For example our cars have:

  • ABS brakes (anti brake lock system) so when you do the stop on your test you won’t worry about skidding.
  • Traction control so you can’t wheel spin or loose the car.
  • Power steering making it effort less to turn the wheel.
  • Air-conditioning for those warm days and prevents misting the windows on the wet or cold ones.
  • Auto dim interior mirrors so if you get dazzled the mirror the bright lights from behind but you can still see what’s going on.
  • Auto lights and windscreen wipers. There are a countless of people who when on a driving test it has started raining forget to switch on the wipers and lights and fail because of this.
  • Anti stall devices so it will reduce the frustration stalling. (As you get to grips with the clutch we turn in off when you get your own car you are prepared.)
  • Dual controls to reassure you that you will be kept safe help develop your pedal skills.
  • Some of our cars even have TV and DVD players installed to help out with your theory and Hazard perception test.
  • Electronic Parking Brake & Brake Hold is an advanced braking system equipped on selected new Toyota vehicles we have at the Driving School C-HR, Hybrid Models and the A-Class Mercedes.  This system uses a new type of parking brake that’s as easy as pressing a button – Literally. We still have cars that offer the conventional handbrake style press the button and raise the lever.

CCTV / Dash Cams is also fitted to some of our cars this is for your protection as they are set to record the front and rear view of the road due to on rare occasions some of the other road users treat you with disrespect. Have the visible CCTV / Dash Cams is a deterrent for them.  They are not set to record pictures or voice the student driver and are not allowed to be active during a test.

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