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The easiest way of getting on the road is training and learning to drive in an Automatic car.

Having to change gear and mastering a clutch is one of the most stressful parts of learning to drive in a manual car.

With Automatic cars it really is very simple when it comes down to the pedals one is stop the other is go! Just like a Go – Kart and they DO NOT STALL

This will cut down the number of lessons you will need getting you on the road quicker and greatly reduce the cost of learning.

So where’s the down side?

If you learn to drive and pass your test in a Manual car you can drive either, if you pass your test in an Auto you can only drive an Auto. (Most of the World Drive Automatic cars the UK tends to be the exception)

Having said that you can then go on and learn in a Manual which a lot of people choose to do after passing their Automatic test.

Some people combine both they start their driving lessons in an Automatic car after gaining their confidence they switch to manual with us.

The Automatic Driving Test is exactly the same as a manual test but will feel much easier.

So learn to drive the easy way with Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic lessons are from £27.50 Per Hour to £30.00 per hour with a very patient highly qualified Driving Instructor.  

Premium rate Priority Service available from £40.00 per hour please call us for more details.

Automatic cars we use at the present moment are:

Toyota Black Yaris Diesel, Toyota Grey Hybrid Yaris Petrol & Toyota Blue Hybrid Yaris Petrol.


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