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Dealing with Parked Vehicles

Their will be many parked vehicles to pass when driving. This can be stress full at first as you would not want to hit them or hit an oncoming vehicle. Planning in advance is essential if you continue you should not make any on coming vehicles slow down, stop or swerve. You will be on the wrong side of the road when manoeuvring so oncoming vehicles have priority.

Look well ahead and assess when they are coming up, how many there are and the traffic level coming towards you.

Start with your MSM routine.

Check both the interior and right door mirror checking it will be safe to move out.

Trying to work out if you can leave a door width (about a 1metre) between you and the parked vehicle.

The best way to work out if you have adequate clearance is to line up your 1 meter reference point on the off side (the side furthest away from the kerb) of the parked vehicle.

This is not always possible as some roads are a lot narrower than others, the closer you get to the parked vehicle the slower you need to go.

Reduce your speed by 1/3rd for every 1/3rd you get closer.

If the oncoming traffic level is not allowing you to pass take up the hold back position 2 car lengths back from the parked vehicles this will allowing room to pull away and steer around it when it is safely.

Move out next to the centre line of your lane, and you will not look like a parked car and it will improve your view ahead.

To know when you have passed the parked vehicles they will appear in you interior mirror, check off your door mirror making sure there are no cyclist or pedestrians before moving back to your normal driving position.

If parked vehicles on are the opposite side of the road it is the oncoming vehicle that should give way, they don’t always do this and the best way of you controlling this situation if you are in any doubt is to hold back for them. Remember priority is given and never taken. Don’t crash to prove a point that it is your priority it will still cost you money, Hassel or even your life!





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