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Left Reverse Around a Corner

Skills you will transfer from forward driving POM, MSM, Peep & Creep, Steering and awareness of other road users and pedestrians.

The left reverse manoeuvre starts before the junction you are going to reverse into. The examiner will ask you to pull up just before the junction. He will then ask you to drive past it and reverse back into it keeping reasonably close to the kerb.

This manoeuvre is a turning around manoeuvre.


What you have to do:

Move away as normal using your POM routine but keep your speed low as you will need to look into the junction as you drive past to assess the lane you are going to reverse into is clear of parked cars, pedestrians such as children playing and any other obstructions such as Skips etc.

The lane needs to be clear for about 3 car lengths, if it is not just let the examiner know and they will tell you to drive on and select a different road or manoeuvre for you to do.

MSM to pull up at least 1 car length past the junction about a drains width away from the kerb to help prevent you hitting the kerb whilst reversing.

POM the car in reverse. Don’t forget to look from your right shoulder blind spot to your left shoulder so you can look out of the rear windscreen in the direction you are going to travel.

Keep your speed low at about an old mans walking pace use your pedals in the same way as you would when emerging from a closed junction peeping & creeping. This will help by giving you time to judge your accuracy and give you time to observe other road users and pedestrians.

As you approach the corner you will reach the POT (point of Turn) your Homer’s Driving Instructor will help you set a reference point on your Driving Lessons so you know when to turn. Before you turn the steering wheel make an all round observation be aware of other road users because as you turn the wheel the front end of the car will swing out into the main road.

Turn the steering approximately ¾ of a turn to the left. It’s worth checking the left door mirror every 4 or 5 seconds to keep an eye on your position. Don’t stare in the door mirror for to long as the main dangers on the road are what is behind your car out the back windows, it’s also worth checking to front ands sides regularly as vehicle may be turning into the road you are reversing into as they have priority should stop and wait for them.

When you have driven around the corner another reference point will be set for you so you know hen to steer back straight. You should go back until you have about 2 lengths in front of you to allow traffic coming from behind you to get back on the correct side of the road before they deal with the junction.

After the manoeuvre don’t forget to do a full POM routine before moving away again.

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