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Pedestrian Crossings

There are 3 main types of Pedestrian Crossings that you have already used whilst walking:

Un-controlled. Zebra Crossing.

You the driver has to decide when to stop. The highway code says give way to the pedestrians on the crossing not on the pavement waiting to cross.

As a guide if someone is waiting and you have not yet reached the Zig Zag lines you have plenty of time to stop.

If you are already on the Zig Zags and someone appears you are already within the braking distance required for the speed of the road you are on and the pedestrian will have to wait. (If they do step out at this point you’re already in an emergency stop situation)

Controlled. Traffic Light controlled

Pelican Crossing, Puffin Crossing, Toucan Crossing, Level Crossing, Tram Crossing and Equestrian Crossing.

With the exception of a Pelican crossing all of the rest have a standard Traffic Light sequence of lights.

The Pelican Crossing following a Red light is a Flashing Amber light. This means you must give way to the pedestrians / cyclists on the crossing, if there is nobody on it you may drive on.

Manned. A person controlling the traffic by either Signs or Hand Signals.

Lollypop person, Police Officer, Traffic Warden or Deputised Person

All of the above crossings has their own specific characters which your Homer’s Driving Instructor will cover on your Driving Lessons in more detail.

Nearly all dealt with in the same way:

Always be on the look out for them, there are thousands about.

When you spot one MSM comes into it.

Before you reach the Zig Zag Lines or a suitable distance back if there are no Zig Zags Lines:

Check your mirrors being prepare to stop or even swerve if evasive action is required for a pedestrian that mistakenly steps out.

Ease off the gas giving you chance to scan and plan what’s happening at the crossing.

If you have to stop, secure the car with the hand brake at the stop or give way line.

Don’t wave anyone across (let them kill them selves if a car is speed towards them from the opposite direction)

Don’t intimidate the pedestrians by revving your engine.

When it is safe to drive check for any last second crossers and check out your mirrors again after you pass the last Zig Zag line to see if any other vehicle is overtaking.





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