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Pull up on the right and reverse

The whilst traveling along a normal single carriageway. Your instructor or examiner will ask you to pull up in a sutable position on the right hand side of the road. They will then ask you to reverse 2 Car lengths and then to rejoin the normal traffic in the left hand lane.

This manoeuvre is a control, observation and accuracy exercise. Using the skills already learnt such as peep and creep, MSM, POM, observation to deal with other road users , steering, reference points and vehicle control.

What you have to do:

Look well ahead and take your time selecting a suitable place to pull up on the right hand side of the road. Make it easy for yourself by looking for a very open wide section of road with as few parked vehicles as possible.

Check your centre and right door mirror, signal right if anyone if front or behind will benefit and select a suitable time to move across the on coming traffic. Use a reference point on the kerb to prevent hitting it. Our instructor will help you set a reference point during your lesson, then secure the vehicle in the normal way.

The examiner will ask you to reverse 2 cars lengths, just like any other manoeuvre prepare the vehicle in reverse, observe all around to decide if it’s safe to move and then reverse at a controlled pace for 2 Car lengths. During the reversing check behind regular and be prepared to stop for all other road users and pedestrians, check your doors mirrors for accuracy, secure the vehicle when you have stopped. Again during your lessons our instructors will help you make these judgements so you understand how to apply it for your safety and for the examiner on a test.

You instructor or examiner will then ask you to rejoin the normal carriageway (driving lane). Prepare to move off in the normal way, a good all around observation finishing on the most dangerous side of the car over your left shoulder to decide if it’s safe to move away, signal left if necessary and then return to the normal driving position.


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