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Roundabouts or Islands

Roundabout or Islands are the same thing. The first thing to do with junctions is recognise they are coming up, simply looking well ahead and being mentally prepare is key. These Junctions can be identified by lines appearing in the road such give way or hazard, changes in the directions of the buildings or traffic passing the end of the road, Black & White Chevron signs are often displayed to make it obvious the direction the roundabout traffic is flowing and of course you will see the roundabout its self.

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MSPSL =Mirror Signal Position Speed Look


Always check at least 2 mirrors as usual starting with the centre mirror assessing the distance position and speed of following traffic and then followed by the door mirror in the direction you intend to turn checking there is no one to the side such as a bicycle or motorbike as you would not want to turn into them.


A direction indicator should be applied to guide other road users and when you start to brake the brake lights will also show.


Gaining the correct position on the approach to a junction does several things such as backing up you indicator to give following traffic a guide to where you are going.

The position will also help with the steering when you reach your Point Of Turn.


If you are turning left you should hold your normal driving position in the left lane until the kerb curves off to the left then angle your car in the same direction. Your Homer’s Driving Instructor will give you reference points to line up on the kerb to help you. This will maximise your view of the new road and allow traffic turning right to pass you with ease.


Position just to the left of the centre hazard warning line on the road will allow following traffic who are turning left to pass to the left of you without being delayed and will optimise you view of the new road on a single lane roundabout your Homer’s Driving Instructor will give you reference points to line up on the centre line to help you. If it is a multiple lane roundabout you may need to change to the right hand lane, being aware the island is approaching by looking for road signs will allow you plenty of time to do this. Simple follow the MSM routine like you would for a right turn when it is safe move to the next lane.


Either lane may be use for this dependant on the road markings.


Your approach speed to a roundabout is crucial looking well ahead as you first approach will give you a lot of decision making information. If you can see far enough into the new road to make a safe decision on pulling out well back from the end of the road then it is an Open Junction and you show brake enough to select 2nd Gear and keep moving providing the corner is not too sharp, there is a Stop sign or if there is traffic coming of course.

If your view is restricted then it is a Closed Junction and a slower approach should be taken selecting 1st Gear bring the clutch back only to the biting point until you have made a decision on if it is safe to go.


Always look early, you can never have enough information on what’s going on ahead at the junction, traffic levels, pedestrians, and parked cars around the end of the road or in the new road. The minimum observations to be taken are Right-Left-Right

When ever possible and safe exit a roundabout in the left hand lane. Follow your MSPSL Routine like you would with an approaching left turn. Do this in plenty of time making sure no vehicles are to the left of you as you may need to exit in the right hand lane. Your single timing is crucial as an indicator to early could result in a car pulling out on you, too late and you will delay other road users. Try to indicate just as you pass the commitment point for turning into the previous exit.

After gain your normal driving position check your centre and right door mirror to update yourself on the new road traffic.


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