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Turn in the Road

Whilst this manoeuvre is no longer part of the UK driving test it is an essential skill for everyday driving.

Skills you will transfer from forward driving POM, MSM, Peep & Creep, Steering, reference points and awareness of other road users and pedestrians. There is very little new for you learn on this manoeuvre.

The examiner will ask you to find a suitable place to park on the left. Look out for Street furniture. it should be avoided when selecting a location to perform a manoeuvre. Hazards at the side of the such as Lampposts, telegraph poles, trees, telephone boxes etc.

He will then say turn the car around to face the opposite direction using forward and reverse gears being careful not to touch the kerb.

This is not a 3 point turn. You may take as many moves forwards and backwards as necessary, so it may take 5 moves if the road is narrow.

Move away as normal using your POM routine but keep your speed low as you will need to turn the steering briskly to full lock. This is when you can not turn the steering wheel any more.

Just before you get to the kerb on take the steering back off. Your Homer’s Driving Instructor will set some reference points so you know when to steer back and when to stop so you don’t hit the kerb.

Dry Steering should be avoided. This is turning the steering wheel when the car is not moving. It causes damage to the tyres, suspension and steering operation.

Don’t forget the camber can increase the speed of your car as you approach the kerb and to secure the car with the handbrake so you don’t roll into it.( Camber. This is the shape of the road from the kerb on the left to right. Most roads are cambered to allow rain water to drain towards the kerb. The centre of most roads is higher than the road joining the kerb, gravity can affect you speed driving over it and should be accounted for.)

POM the car in reverse. Don’t forget to look from your right shoulder blind spot to your left shoulder so you can look out of the rear windscreen in the direction you are going to travel. When moving steer the wheel on full lock again to the left taking the steering back off just before you get to the kerb. Again more reference points will be set.

POM the car for the final time, your wheels will already be pointed towards the new lane direction. When you have joined the new lane the examiner will ask you to drive on without stopping. A mirror check at this point is essential to ensure you are not being overtaken.

Through out the manoeuvre keep your speed low at about an old mans walking pace use your pedals in the same way as you would when emerging from a closed junction peeping & creeping. This will help by giving you time to judge your accuracy and give you time to observe other road users and pedestrians.

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