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Instructors FAQ for Intensive Courses


It has never been such a great time to join our driving school! If you’re thinking of becoming a driving instructor, we are now offering intensive driving courses which means that you have more opportunity than ever to create some safe drivers and get paid for doing it! Make sure you read our FAQ surrounding these courses and remember to get in touch if you want to start your driving school career.

1. How are the courses structured?                                                                                                               
2. Most of our driving courses are structured with 2 to 5 hours per day, over “X” amount of days. The driving test is arranged as the last hour on the last day. No instructor could drive for 5 hours so we tell the pupil that there will be a 15 to 20 minute break some where near the middle. This comes out of the pupil’s time as they normally want to talk about the test or something else driving related.


  1. When do I get paid?
  2. The instructor will get paid either in cash on the commencement start date on the crash course by the pupil or via BACS if pupil has paid the office unless the course is split with payments and then the instructor will get paid at the end of each block again either by cash or Bacs.


  1. What if the pupil doesn’t get to test standard before test day?
  2. As the test is the 1st thing that gets booked this can be a controversial topic but the pupil’s terms and conditions do state “that the pupil and/or the driving school have the right to refuse to take the pupil to test but must give written reasons”. We ensure the pupil is given full reasons to refusal. An instructor will always be given full support by the driving school as safety is paramount.


  1. How are the courses allocated to instructors?
  2. When a pupil makes an enquiry and a test has been identified we text all instructors, covering that area, at the same time. The 1st instructor to confirm they are available will be allocated to the course.


  1. What times do the courses start?
  2. The office will arrange the days but do not arrange the start times, Please note we confirm the days with the pupil in writing and these should not be changed without prior agreement with the Homers Driving School office. As soon as a course is allocated the instructor is required to contact the pupil within 24 hours to arrange start times and go over the details of the course. The days of the course cannot be rearranged without prior agreement by the office as we will have written to the pupil confirming dates and are contractually obliged to train on the agreed dates.


  1. What cost is there to me?
  2. None, no instructor will be charged for a driving course as we deduct our profit before paying the instructor. We charge £x amount of money and pay the instructor £Y, the difference is normally a couple of pounds per hour.


  1. What happens if the pupil is sick and can’t train or they don’t turn up?
  2. Simply they loose their money unless they have a really good reason, like they’ve broken their leg. This last scenario would mean that some of the course would be lost and some held over until they were well.


  1. What happens if the pupil is late?
  2. They lose that time.


  1. What happens if a pupil fails?
  2. After the test we would expect the instructor to tell us the result and if they pass their test, take a picture forward to Homers Driving School for us to upload to social media and our website gallery. If they fail their test then we can rebook a test and hours depending on what you believe they need to successfully pass. Refer the pupil back to Homers Driving School to reorganise lessons/test.


  1. How many pupils or courses do I have to do work with Homers Driving School?
  2. There is no maximum or minimum amount of hours you need to do. You do what you want when you want. We will not tell you how many hours you should do, it’s entirely up to you.


If you require anymore information please contact Sarah our Booking Co-Ordinator for Intensive Crash Courses  on 0800 612 6650 or 07432 458100


Visit Sarah at The Instructor Hub                                                                                                                  1 Baird House, Second Avenue, Pensnett Trading Estate, Kingswinford Dudley DY6 7YA.    (right by the DVSA Practical Driving Test Centre Newton House Dudley)



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