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Intensive driving courses in and around Darlaston

Located in South Staffordshire, Darlaston is a market town situated between Wednesbury and Walsall, in the Black Country area of central England. Within the valley of the river Tame, historical records offer that Darlaston was a heavily mined area associated with industrial activities. Darlaston hosts many popular shops, together with a library and Darlaston Town Hall that houses public meetings, concerts of music and other entertainments. Also, the town’s football club was formed in 1874 and is one of the oldest non-league clubs in the country.  Neighbourhoods include, Moxley, Bentley, Rough Hay and Woods Bank.

Learning to drive in and around Darlaston

Two of the main roads are the Walsall Road, that runs through the area, and links with the busy commuter road, The Black Country Route. The town centre is also by-passed by St Lawrence’s Way, which runs between The Green and Bull Stake. Although no motorway runs through Darlaston, it is considered junctions nine and ten of the M6 are located within the area. This, to the novice student can be quite daunting, learning to drive to on such busy commuter roads at any time of the day. Here’s where Homers’ Driving School can help put you at ease and become the most confident student before your test, within a week if you wish!

Why Homers’ should be your first choice as your driving school

Luckily for our students, we only base our driving instructors within the areas they know best, as their knowledge of Darlaston is imperative to ensuring our intensive courses have the best possible avenue for our students to pass within weeks. All registered and approved, our carefully picked instructors hold Driving Instructor qualifications and have completed additional professional development training several times per year – no other company demands this from Driving Instructors.

Our driving instructors know all the housing estates and quiet areas where you can gain confidence behind the wheel, get acquainted with those all-important maneuvers the intensive courses, either manual or automatic to get you on the road in no time. Once you are happy to move on, in your own time, our trained and friendly instructors will steadily introduce you to the busier and popular commuter roads and dual carriageways such as the Black Country route. With the intensive courses we offer, manual or automatic, our instructors will take you on their own routes. Although, there is no set route for your driving test, our instructors will ensure you confident on all the roads within Darlaston so you will pass with flying colours.

We have some of the very best Driving Instructors and they average half the amount of driving lessons of other companies and our pass rates are phenomenal. We will make your learning fun, relaxed and enjoyable.

Please ensure that you have passed your theory test before we book you in for your practical driving test. If you need help with getting ready to take your theory test, we have instructor’s cars that have TV and DVD players installed to help with your theory and Hazard perception test.

What intensive manual and automatic courses that we offer

6 hour’s manual crash course including Practical Driving Test

This Manual Intensive Driving Course is designed and aimed to pupils who are at “Test Standard” or have recently failed a driving test or just need to correct any minor issues.  This course can be taken over 1 or 2 days, with the practical driving test booked on the last day.

40 hour’s Manual Novice, Complete Beginners Crash Course

This course is for learners with zero experience behind the wheel of a car and just received their driving provisional license.  The 40 hour driving lessons can be taken over a period of time with professional guidance from our Qualified ADI Driving Instructor Trainer.  Your Theory and Practical Driving Tests will be booked for you once you are ready for the big day!

We also offer different manual and automatic intensive courses for confident beginner learners, or students that are close to “Test Standard”. Homers’ Driving School can provide tailored courses to suit your day to day commitments, our instructors will always drop you off at your home or work location, and never leave you at their next lesson.

If you do choose the manual intensive course in Darlaston, you will be behind the wheel with our fantastically qualified ADI driving instructor Gary Nicholls.  Having spent over ten years with Homers Driving School then you can be sure it won’t be long until you’re featured in our celebrated pass gallery.

Need to pass your driving test with haste?

So, if you have found your dream career that requires a full driving licence, or you have decided you wish to learn to drive within the fastest amount of time, all our instructors can prepare your lessons to suit you, even if you chose the intensive course path.

Sounds like this is for you? Get in contact with us.

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